Dolo Neurobion Injection

Dolo Neurobion injection is a special medication that is used for the treatment of neurological disturbance, neurological disorders, heart problems and mental disorder among others.

Dolo neurobion injection is primarily used for the control and treatment of some neurological disorders .

Over decades, Neurobion injection has been widely use for such treatment and has proven to be effective and efficient for neurological related sickness and diseases. Lets look at the ingredients and composition of dolo neurobion injection.

Ingredient and composition of Dolo Neurobion Injection

Generally, Neurobion constitutes a brand of supplement that contains various combination of class of B vitamins. It can be inform of a tablet and as liquid injection.

Dolo- Neurobion injection consists of the following ingredients

  1. Vitamin B1
  2. Vitamin B12
  3. Procaine Hydrochloride and
  4. Vitamin B6 which serve as an active ingredient.

In case of tablet, Dolo Neurobion consists of the following combinations:

100 milligrams (mg) of vitamin B-1

200 mg of vitamin B-6

200 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin B-12

In the case of Neurobion Forte which is another brand of Dolo-Neurobion tablet, the constituents are :

  • 100 mg of vitamin B-1
  • 100 mg of vitamin B-6
  • 5 mg of vitamin B-12

How Does Dolo Neurobion Injection work?

Dolo Neurobion injection works by enhancing the production of antibodies and hemoglobin for complete digestion and decomposition of carbohydrate in order to maintain normal blood sugar level. Remember that excess sugar in the blood can result into the commonest disease called diabetes melitus.

Diabetes is a disease in which the body’s natural ability to produce hormone insulin is ineffective, thereby resulting into abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and cause increase in blood sugar level.

So, Dolo Neurobion helps in complete digestion and metabolism of carbohydrate as the case may be. This injection also help in stimulating antibodies that produces insulin.

What is Dolo Neurobion Injection Used For?

As I mentioned earlier in this post , Dolo Neurobion is mainly used for neurological disorders. However, below are the main functions of Neurobion injection.

  • Treatment of mental disorders: Symptoms of Mental disorder include: incessant depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia with acute dementia, premature developmental disorders which include autism and many others. This can be treated by the use of Dolo Neurobion injection.
  • Treatment of neurological disturbances: There are some common symptoms of neurological disturbance. These are: Headaches which are the most common neurological disorders that can affect anyone at any age, epilepsy and Seizures, Stroke, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer , Dementia and Parkinson disease.
  • Treatment of thiamine deficiency: Thiamine deficiency is the most common in developing countries specifically among people whose diet mainly consists wheat, sorghum, yam, rice or any highly processed carbohydrates. It normally occurs as result of poverty where individual cannot afford a balance diet. Thiamine deficiency is also a  medical condition which arises as a result of low or inadequate level of Vitamin B1 . Research has proven that the most severe, acute and chronic form is most oftenly known as beriberi. There are two main types of berberi. We have the wet and the dry berberi commonly found among teenagers as well as adults . Research has revealed that Wet beriberi can affects the cardiovascular system, resulting into some symptoms such as rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, and swelling of legs. Research has also shown that thiamine deficiency occurs as a result more alcohol intake which is prevalent among the adult. The Dolo Neurobion injection helps in the treatment of thiamine deficiency by stimulating and producing antibodies that will regulate substantial amount of vitamin B1 needed for body building.
  • Used for the treatment of pregnancy complications in the case of child birth.
  • Convulsions
  • Heart disease

Side Effects of Dolo neurobion injection

There is no doubt that administering Dolo neurobion injection also have its own disadvantages and side-effect to human health . The most common side effect of Dolo neurobion injection are:

(1) Itching

(2) Restlessness


(4)Difficulty in breathing



(7)Stomach upset.

(8) Weakness


It is advised for one to consult a trained medical doctor for proper prescription of Dolo neurobion injection to avoid abuse and to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the treatment process.

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