Adco Alzam: Uses and Side Effects

What is Adco Alzam Used for?

Adco Alzam is mainly used in the treatment of unexpected extreme fear like panic. Also, it’s used to treat and correct anxiety and some other forms brain disorder. It contain alprazolam. It is very common is South Africa.

And it is said to be manufactured, marketed and distributed by Johannesburg Stock Exchange, which is a leading company that supplies quality health products in both sectors (public and private). 

It is a product of Adcock Ingram, which is said to be a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, still in South Africa.
According to research, it oral tablets has upto four (4) clearly intensity, which are;

  • Adco Alzam 0.25 mg
  • Adco Alzam 0.5 mg
  • Adco Alzam 1 mg
  • Adco Alzam 2 mg

With the benefits that accompanied this product, young people has taken their time to abuse this drugs especially youths of South Africa, to the extent that, all of them devote their attention to this medication, as anti anxiety and panic.

Also, it is said to belong to a family or class of benzodiazepines, because it is mainly referred to act or work on central nervous system, by producing or providing a kind of calming effect.

Sometimes too, there’s what doctors called gaba, which they said to be a natural tranquilizer, which stop or suspend or slow things that alert the brain, which eventually results in panic and anxiety.

So, benzodiazepines works in such a way that, it improves the condition or effect of some natural chemical that exist in the body system.

These chemicals produced by benzodiazepines, as higher as it rise, it helps someone to relax and sometimes feel sleepy. Adco Alzam is a brand of Alprazolam. As a family or class of benzodiazepines, Adco Alzam is believe to be more effective and more powerful than other products in the family of benzodiazepines.

It is sometimes believe to enforce the brain’s reward system. Because of this special feature (triggering the brain’s reward system), people tend to become addicted to it unlike other pediatric in the family or class of benzodiazepines.

Adco Alzam Side Effects

The common side effects of adco alzam include; frequently thought of suicide, it slow the function and activity of the brain, resulting in a case where one breaths slowly, otherwise called respiratory depression, indistinctive speech, less or slow coordination, fatigue and so on.

It causes the following side effects in high dosages; irritability, paranoia, unfit or diminished in strength memory, as well as thoughts of suicide, while some become troubled emotionally.

Addiction to this drug has it effect in making someone depressed, showing of signs of psychosis, a sudden desire for certain things, aggressiveness. All these side effects are associated with long term use of adco alzam according to the Coalition Against Drug Abuse.

Developing tolerance to this drug (adco alzam) can result in one trying to take high amounts in order to attain a better result, which increase causing oneself the risk of harm.

Taking this drug with other substances like alcohol, which is widely known to be a depressant, or morpine (in the family of opioids), or taking it with any other drug in the family of benzodiazepines, are all risk for potential overdose.

Using this drug for a long time and stopping it abruptly can cause insomnia, which is believe to be worst than the sleeping problem earlier. It is warned never to take adco alzam with opioids can result in death, because it causes difficulty in breathing.

It is advised not to take adco alzam in the case where one is allergic to alprazolam, as a ingredient contained in adco alzam or other inactive ingredients like serax, Valium or tranxene.

How long does Adco Alzam take to work?

It differs from individual to another as people don’t have the same body system. Out of 100 people using this drug, 50% begin to see the effect within 5-6 minutes, 30% within 7-8 minutes while the 20% begin to experience the effects of the drugs within 9-10 minutes.

It’s believed that everyone or anyone who takes this drug begin to see, experience or feel within 40 minutes to 1 hour, the effect of the drug.

Generally, the drug takes it effect within 1 hour, 49 minutes if it’s administered orally. It is also believed to leave the body as quick as 11 hours in adult.

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