What are the Uses of Andrews Liver Salts?

Facts about Andrews Liver Salts

The problem of indigestion stomach problem and constipation has faced humanity , this problem might seem to be a small deal but it really cause a whole lot of damage to the body. Scientists have provided a very good solution to this problem and the solution they brought forward is the Andrew liver salt.    

What is Andrews Liver Salts Used for?

This Andrews liver salt is a laxative and antacid and it is made solely for handling of stomach complications and indigestion. This salt is a brand of sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and magnesium sulphate. Andrew liver salt also deals with heartburn.

Many people have being asking questions like ” can Andrew liver salt abort 2weeks pregnancy”, well will be  discussing that here in this article.  


In Africa especially amongst unmarried ladies, there is this general believe that Andrew liver salt has a contraceptive property, they believe that taking Andrew liver salt can abort early pregnancy like 2 weeks pregnancy. Well that is not the case , the believe that Andrew liver salt aborts pregnancy is another myth that is circulating around.

Andrews liver salt has no contraceptive property, it does not prevent pregnancy neither can it abort pregnancy no matter how early the pregnancy might be, even if it’s a week pregnancy Andrew liver salt can have no effect on it.

If you take Andrews liver salt in order to abort your baby , it is as good as you are drinking water because it will have no effect on the foetus and that might lead to having a baby you did not plan for.        

Andrew liver salt is a laxative made for the treatment of indigestion and heartburn, it has no relationship with the reproductive life of any woman so it’s important to debunk the  myth that Andrew liver salt aborts 2 weeks pregnancy.     

If you are not prepared to have a baby yet, then it is important that you abstain from sexual intercourse but in a situation whereby you cannot abstain, it is necessary you make use of protective (condoms for both male and female) or you make use of contraceptive pills and not Andrew liver salt.     

White Quinine and Andrew Liver Salt

It is also said that taking white quinine with Andrew liver salt can cause abortion. White quinine is a medication used for the treatment of malaria. This white quinine works by killing the parasite that causes malaria which is plasmodium. White quinine has no capacity to abort pregnancy, in other words white quinine is not an abortifacients.    

Some people believe that when taken in excess that it can induce abortion but this is not true as it can leave you with side effects like; cinchonism, potentially fatal renal failure e.t.c.   

As discussed earlier Andrew liver salt has no contraceptive property, this means that taking both white quinine and Andrew liver salt can  in no way cause abortion because their functions in the body has nothing to do with reproduction, white quinine cures malaria while Andrews liver salt cures heartburn, indigestion and other stomach problems.         


The answer to this question is NO!!! Andrews liver salt cannot prevent pregnancy in any means.       

Andrew Liver Salt Uses

  • As said earlier, Andrew liver salt has a laxative and antacid action to relieve symptoms of stomach upset or indigestion.
  • This Andrew liver salt has been proven to be effective in the treatment of heartburn and many other stomach associated problems.
  • It is the content of this Andrew liver salt that makes it possible for Andrews liver salt to perform these functions, these contents includes sodium hydrogen Carbonate which neutralizes excess acid in the stomach, citric acid which helps to alleviate discomfort in the stomach and so on.   
  • In as much as Andrew liver salt helps to treat stomach problems and heartburn, prolonged and excessive intake of the salt can cause diarrhoea and when a patient suffering from sever renal dysfunction is given this salt in excess, hypermagnesaemia & hypokalemia can occur.

With this is is advisable you take Andrew liver salt responsibly and avoid taking it as a contraceptive. 

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