Baby Bed Bugs: 3 Measures to Get Rid of them

Baby Bed bugs infestation is one of the worst infestations you can encounter. Not only do they bite, but they also spread really fast in your home and are difficult to get rid of. 

Female bed bugs can lay up to 5 eggs a day, this makes it difficult to eliminate them. If you see a baby bed bug, it is a sign of a growing infestation. But you probably don’t know what a baby bed bug looks like?

You will find in this article,  

★ What baby bed bugs look like 

★ Baby bed bug bites 

★ Getting rid of baby bed bugs 

★ Does baby powder kill bed bugs? The myth.


Baby bed bugs are also known as nymphs. They are much smaller than their adult counterpart, white, yellow, or even translucent in colour, this makes it difficult to spot them. They are translucent because they haven’t had a blood meal, their colour change starts after their feed.

After their first feed, they begin their molting phase. Molting is the shedding of their exoskeleton so they develop and start turning brown, and then eventually look exactly like adult bed bugs.

Baby bed bugs are oval and flat in shape but slowly become fuller as they mature. Baby bed bugs are like 1.5mm at their first stage and are hardly noticeable, but if you take a careful look, you just might see them or traces of them, like their shredded skin or even their eggs.


Since they are not mature, it is fair to wonder if baby bed bugs bite, but then, how do they feed if they don’t bite?

Like the adult bed bugs, the baby bed bug has two straw-like antennas. It uses the first antenna to break the skin and inject its saliva which contains an anesthetic that numbs the infected site. That is why you do not notice when you have been bitten, although it mostly happens when you are asleep.

The second antenna is used to drink the blood from your skin. This is a short time activity for the baby bugs but lasts longer for the adults.

There is no difference between the marks from a baby bed bug and that from an adult bed bug, although some people assume that the marks differ depending on the size of the bed bug that bites them.

The bite marks are reactions to bed bug bites. The marks look like random red itchy spots in different places on your skin, in some people, the bite mark shows up almost immediately, while in others it may take 2 weeks before it shows up. 

When bed bugs bite, your body detects it because a foreign substance has been introduced, so there will be itching and swelling at the site of the bite. 

Their bites are not dangerous, so you don’t need to panic. However, you may have an allergic reaction due to the bite, then you should seek medical assistance.


Getting rid of baby bed bugs is not different from getting rid of adult ones. 

First, you need to understand that bed bugs do not just collect in your bed because the name implies it. They are tiny insects that can hide properly in walls, window frames, bathrooms, nightstands, and any crevices, so finding them can be very challenging.

There are however some measures you can take to help get rid of them, especially if we are looking at a localized infestation, otherwise, you should seek help from a pest control agency.

Below are the common measures on how to get rid of baby bed bugs;

1. Laundry: Wash and dry all your clothes, bedspreads, curtains, kitchen, and table clothes on high heat.
2. Vacuuming: Vacuuming the entire house using a certified HEPA filter vacuum, can help remove visible bed bugs.
3. Use of insecticide could help eliminate bed bugs also.


A lot of tricks have been generated by people on how to kill bed bugs. On the internet, there are different tricks, one of them is the use of baby powder. There is no scientific or even physical proof that baby powder can be used in killing bed bugs in any shape or form.

These claims say baby powder kills bed bugs by drying out their exoskeleton, desiccating them, and killing them after a short while.

This claim is false because baby powder does not contain Diatomaceous earth or any chemical that can kill bed bugs. Diatomaceous earth is a unique chemical compound often used in greenhouses to treat insect infestations.

However, you can use baby powder in the process of eliminating bed bugs. First, you sprinkle baby powder on your mattress, furniture, and flooring. This is a form of trap for bed bugs. When the bed bugs climb in, the composition of baby powder makes it difficult for them to get out.

So now you have gathered them up, next thing is to use a pesticide to kill them or leave it to the pest control agency.

The moment you notice a bed bug, whether it is a baby bed bug or an adult bed bug, it is advisable to contact any pest control agency you know, or use the simple DIY tricks in this article, an attempt on using baby powder will only cover up their musty smell and make gathering them easy. Baby powder does not kill bed bugs.

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