Birthmark Removal: All you Need to Know

Birthmark removal is a act of removing one’s birthmark and there are many procedures used to achieve it. Birthmark are those natural spot or skin growth that people are born with. It didn’t grow after they were born but rather, they were birth with those marks. Birthmark can be found on any part of the body such as face, neck, breast, hands, legs, just any part of the body. Medically, it is not necessary to remove a
birthmark but for some persons, their birthmarks is something that troubles them a lot.

This could be as the result that the birthmark is on the part of their body that the fancy so much, such as the penis for the men, the vagina for the lady as well as other part of their body that the do admire and because of this they always want their birthmark to be removed. There are some birthmark that do fade on their own, maybe as a person advances in age. People undergo birthmark removal so as to remove the
birthmark or to reduce it’s appearance.


Birthmarks are not marks that was gotten from wound or any other injuries that was sustained. They are
not marks will just appear without any reason. There are things that causes children to be born with birthmark and it is discussed below. Birthmark is caused as a result of defective migration of cells during fetal development.



There are different types and they includes;

Vascular Birthmark: The vascular birthmark comes in form of nevus and port wine stain. They are also called vascular birthmark because they are composed of blood vessels and they come in different colors such as blue and red. Vascular birthmark may fade away overtime.

Strawberry Birthmark: A strawberry birthmark is a type of birthmark that develops at birth and that grows quickly overtime. The strawberry birthmark is painless and it’s color is determined by closely packed blood vessels where it is found. Strawberry birthday is a type of vascular birthmark and the may likely disappear as the person’s age increase.

Pigmented Birthmark: Pigmented birthmark are those birthmark that occur because there is
excessive accumulation of melanin and the appear mostly in black and brown colors. Their
shapes are either flat or they are slightly rise.


Although some birthmark do fade on their own for some persons, there are other person’s whose birthmark has refused to fade on its own, so therefore, there are methods or procedures by which a birthmark can fade. They are:

Laser Birthmark Removal

Laser therapy is a medical treatment. It makes use of focused light to remove skin layers through precision. Laser therapy helps to remove unwanted blood vessels from your body. When chosing laser therapy as a method for treating your birthmark, it is necessary to consider your skin tone skin tone and the type of birthmark you are removing. It is advisable, that if you have a dark skin, you should not consider laser therapy as a method of removing your birthmark but persons with fair skin can go
for laser therapy.


Another method through which birthmark can be removed is through medication. There are some medications that can help to treat birthmark removal and this medication works best on vascular birthmark and not in pigmented birthmark. Medication helps to fight the birthmark from within.

Surgical removal

Surgical method of removing birthmark is the physical method of removing birthmark. This method makes use of scalpel to shave off the birthmark.


There are certain risk and side effects associated with birthmark removal and they include the following:

Blood keeps coming out from that spot: One of the risk or side effect for birthmark removal is that there is a case of frequent flow of blood from the spot that the birthmark was removed.

Pus: Another side effect of birthmark removal is pus. Pus is that smelly substance that is milky in color which mixes with blood that always come out from wound or oil. After a birthmark there is a possibility that pus will come out from that spot that the birthmark was removed.

Coughing: Coughing is also a risk or side effect for birthmark removal. Coughing as a side effect only occurs if medication was used in treating the birthmark removal. Coughing does not occur when laser therapy is used.

Sleeping Problem: Sleeping problem is also a side effect of birthmark removal. This side effect is also as a result of the use of medication for the removal of birthmark. When medication is used to treat birthmark removal, it may likely lead to sleeping problem.

Slow Heart Rate: Slow heart rate is also as a result of taking medication in order to remove birthmark. When medication is used in treating birthmark removal, it may also leads to slowed heart rate.

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