Vitamin C Shots: Benefits, Dosage, Risk

Vitamin C shots is also called ascorbic acid. It is a nutrient that is found in dietary supplement and food as
well. Vitamin C is an antioxidant an it really helps in the production of collagen. Vitamin C is a nutrient that is really necessary for a person to have because lack of it can cause a disease that leads to easy bruising, bleeding, weakness if the body and the disease is called scurvy, it occurs as a result of thin collagen which resulted from lack of vitamin c shots.

When a person has enough vitamin c in his or her body, it will help to fade skin discoloration, sunburn, skin pigmentation, wrinkles, black spot and it also helps to stop premature aging especially in women. Vitamin C shot is really used in treating vitamin c deficiency especially when it happens that oral tablets cannot be taken. Vitamin c can be gotten from eating of green and red pepper, juice and citrus fruit especially orange, brussel sprouts and straw berries.


The major reason for taking vitamin c shots is to treat vitamin C deficiency. When a person does not have
enough vitamin c in her body, it leads to the following:

Scurvy: One of reason for taking vitamin C shot is to treat scurvy which is as a result of vitamin c
deficiency, a skin condition that leads to weakness and easy bruise.

Bleeding: Excessive bleeding is also as a result of vitamin c deficiency, which is another reason
why vitamin c is taken.


Vitamin C Shots

Vitamin c shots has a whole lot of benefits and the include:

  • Weight Loss: Research has proven that persons with low intake of vitamin c are not always able to burn fat. Therefore, vitamin C shot is taken for weight loss because when a person has enough vitamin c in his or her body, the person body will be capable of burning fat.
  • Cancer: Vitamin c shots is also taken for the treatment of cancer.
  • Production of collagen: One if the major benefit of Vitamin c shot is that it helps in the production of thicker collagen in the body which in turn it helps to the firm the skin and prevent the skin from sagging.
  • Hydration and moisturizing: Another benefit of vitamin c shots is that it helps to hydrate your skin and also moisturize it.
  • Fades black spot: Vitamin c shots is very good at fading black spot and it is considered as one of it’s benefit. When a person has enough vitamin C in his or her body, black spot will be an history on the person’s skin.
  • Prevent wrinkles: Wrinkles is a skin condition that is caused by too much exposure to sun. Vitamin c shots can help to prevent wrinkles on one’s face.
  • Skin brightening and smoothing: Another benefit of vitamin c shot is that it helps to brighten and also smoothen a person’s skin.


Although vitamin c shots has numerous benefits, there are also some risk attached to it. They include:

Kidney damage and kidney stone: Taking of vitamin c shot tends to be risky when it is over dose. Too much of everything is a disease as it is always said. When a person takes too much of vitamin c shot, it can lead to kidney damage and it also result to kidney stone especially for those that already had kidney issues.

Iron absorption: Another risk of vitamin c shot is that it can lead to excess absorption of iron in the body when the dose is high and excess absorption of iron in the body is threatening to one’s health.

Infection: Infection is also a risk of vitamin c shot. This infection could result in the process of
taking the vitamin c shot.


Vitamin c shot is really for the treatment of vitamin c deficiency as earlier mentioned above. When taking vitamin c for the treatment of deficiency, the appropriate to be taken is 200mg once in a day for seven days (that is, a week).

When taking vitamin c shot for wound healing, the appropriate dosage to be taken is 1 gram once in a day for at least seven to twenty-one days ( that is, one to three weeks).


Vitamin c do interact with other drugs (medication). Vitamin c do interact with other medications like Nextil, Salsalate, Novasal and other medications. When vitamin c interacts with this drugs, it causes ones urine to be more acidic, and it can also change how your body reacts to some drugs.

Vitamin can also cause something that is known as radiation therapy, a condition that makes drugs to be less active when it interacts with other drugs. It is advisable for persons with health condition like cancer to meet with a doctor before taking vitamin c.

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