Clogged Milk Duct Popping

When breastfeeding your child, one of the unpleasant things you may encounter is a clogged milk duct popping. Breastfeeding is natural. Moreover just because it’s known natural doesn’t mean it cannot be painful and difficult! Before thinking and deciding to take something into your hands, I will explain what a clogged milk duct is, treatment methods … Read more

Tribotan Cream: 7 Great Benefits And Side Effects

Tribotan cream is one of the creams that can help with handling of some infection such as the yeast infections, fungal skin infections of penis, sunburn, hemorrhoids, skin irritation, eczema and many other infections. This tribotan cream is very effective and this is because of the fact that it contains certain chemicals as active agents. … Read more

What Is The Average Weight For A 11 Year Old

What Is The Average Weight For A 11 Year Old? A lot of changes come with pre-adolescence, the period approximately between the ages of 9 and 12. It is the period that prepares kids for puberty. They’re likely to develop and mature fast during this period, so you may notice some changes in their bodies such … Read more

Toulouse Lautrec Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Toulouse lautrec syndrome is a disease that is coined from the name of a famous French artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec who lived during the 19th century and had the disorder. Toulouse Lautrec syndrome also clinically known as pycnodysostosis (PYCD) is a rare disease of the genes. In about 1.7 million people worldwide, this disease affects … Read more

Flea Bites On Baby: 5 Dangers & Preventions

Flea bites on babay is rampant and commonly noticed especially in unhealthy environment. Fleas are small insects that live off the blood of warm-blooded animals. You may find them, especially in summer and springs, usually in the fur of your pets if you have any, in tall grasses, rugs, and doormats in the house. It … Read more

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