Benefits of Vicks Vaporub for Thick Toenails

Vicks Vaporub for Thick Toenails

Having thick toenails can be a nuisance, as it can be difficult to clip them and they may cause discomfort while wearing shoes. Fortunately, there is an unexpected solution for this problem that you can find in your medicine cabinet: Vicks Vaporub. This topical ointment has been found to reduce the thickness of toenails, making … Read more

8 Wonderful Herbs For Herpes

The use of herbs for herpes is one of the ways of managing the symptoms of the viral infection and suppress them as well. Herbs may look local and ineffective but we cannot rule out the fact that these natural medicines have been saving lives since the existence of man and has not lost the … Read more

Can I Pee After Inserting Monistat 3

Can I Pee After Inserting Monistat 3

Can I pee after inserting monistat 3? There is no bad effect or result if you pee after inserting the antifungal cream, monistat 3. The cream does not block the bladder or vagina, so you are free to urinate. The effects of the medication will still work in the body provided you follow the directions … Read more

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