Why Do I Keep Biting My Tongue

Why do I keep biting my tongue? It is usually an involuntary action to bite the tongue. It’s a sudden movement that sends a jolt of pain throughout your mouth and your entire body. However, for some people, tongue biting can be more habitual than an involuntary action. To pinpoint just one reason why you … Read more

Should You Floss Before Or After Brushing

Should you floss before or after brushing? Personal hygiene is very important to the human body and as a result of that, dental hygiene should not be left out. Would you like to see people covering their nose while you talk to them all because you have a bad breath. No, you definitely would not … Read more

What Happens When You Don’t Brush Your Teeth

You may have had this question “what happens when you don’t brush your teeth?” on your mind. Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if you do not brush. Well, we grew up with the instructions that we should brush out teeth at least once a day. You may be brushing your teeth to … Read more

Bone Spur In Mouth: Vital Information To Know

A bone spur in mouth is a growth of bone from normal bone in the bone region of the mouth. A bone spur if caused by degenerative joint ailment cannot be prevented, but the underpinning complication can be averted and treated.  WHAT IS THE HUMAN MOUTH? The mouth is the entry to both the digestive … Read more

Lip Reduction Surgery: Cost & 5 Wonderful Benefits

Lip reduction surgery is not as popular as other procedures that involves the lips like lip augmentation that makes the lips to become fuller. Lip reduction surgery is the opposite of lip augmentation; while the first decreases the volume of the lip, the later makes the lips fuller.  Although lip it is not very popular, … Read more

Can You Get Tonsil Stones Without Tonsils

Can you get tonsil stones without tonsils? The question of if it is possible for you to get tonsil stones without tonsils is very common. After all, how can something form in a place that it is no longer there? However, this is possible especially if there are leftovers of the tonsils at the back … Read more

Flipper Tooth: Cost, Benefits & More

Flipper tooth is a dental device that is fast becoming popular in fixing missing teeth. Having missing tooth or teeth can be embarrassing and affect self esteem, in some people, it can prevent them from smiling or laughing in the presence of others. It can be used to fill the gaps caused by those missing … Read more

Bumps on Gums: 8 Causes & Easy Treatments

Bumps on gums are common experience or occurrence, these bumps may not be harmful while in some cases, they are signs of something serious . The bumps may be caused by irritation to food or debris in the mouth, growth, cancerous tumor or dental cyst. It is very important to see a doctor if you … Read more

6 Wonderful Treatment For White Dots On Lips

Having white dots on lips can be embarrassing and may also reduce self confidence or hamper your personality development. This is because the lips is one of the first features people notice when they see you. You use your lips in communicating with others so most of the time, their eyes will be on your … Read more

5 Tooth Decay Stages

Tooth decay stages are the progression from having healthy teeth to bad teeth that may even need the removal of some tooth in extreme cases. The food we eat can stick to the teeth and become acidic if they are cleaned out. The food leftovers causes the mouth to become acidic and this can cause … Read more

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