9 Best Chin Strap

Getting the best chin strap can be somehow difficult especially as there are many in the market. It has been proven to be effective in solving the problem of snoring and mouth breathing during sleep. Snoring can cause real issue in relationships as nobody wants to be interrupted while sleeping by noise coming from someone lying close. 

If your sleep partner snores, it could lead to you not getting quality sleep and this can lead to feeling sleepy during the day, reduction in physical, mental and cognitive functions. Chin strap can help with this issue but the problem is knowing which is best. In this article, we will explain its uses and 9 best chin strap available.


A chin strap is a headgear made with clothing material and some elastic materials. The elastic strap curves under the chin while the other part wraps around the top and back of the head. It causes the lower jaw to move upwards and is held closed against the top of your jaw. Snoring is not caused by the nose like we thought, it is caused by open mouth breathing. When we breathe in through the mouth, we are taking in more air than we need (this is known as over breathing).

Over breathing causes large air to pass through the small gap in the throat and this makes the relaxed tissues in the mouth and throat to vibrate. The vibration is what we know as snoring. It prevents snoring by keeping the jaws closed which makes it difficult for the mouth to breath thereby forcing the nose to breathe instead. There are many sizes of chin strap with straps that are adjustable. The adjustable strap keeps the headgear fitted on the head while the pressure keeps the jaws closed as you sleep. 


Some uses of chin strap are:

  • It keeps the mouth closed and prevent the throat and mouth from drying out.
  • It reduces snoring and eliminate it if used consistently.
  • Wearing chin strap will save your sleeping partner the stress of not getting quality sleep.


1. Sfumoc Stopper

Sfumoc stopper is made of a combination of neoprene and mesh material that is light, soft and flexible. The flexibility makes it easier to wear for longer time without feeling pain around the ears. The chin strap can be washed with both machine and hands, it can also be air dried. 

Sfumoc stopper comes with 2 extension straps for uses that have beard or have big hair styles. It does not cause itching or sweating as the material is breathable. There is no itching or allergic reaction with this chin strap. This strap is rated 5 stars on Ubuy online store.

2. Waki Home Jaw Support Belt

This is recommended for those who move and shake their head a lot while sleeping. This is because the strap holds the skull in a slip-resistant antimicrobial cap with fasteners. The chin strap is made with soft, comfortable and flexible fabric that does not itch the face or irritate the skin.

The wide velcro fasteners make it easier to adjust the size and tension of the strap anytime. You can easily clean with liquid soap and dry by hanging. It can also be used by people who are undergoing CPAP therapy. Waki home jaw support belt is rated 3.6 stars on Amazon and 5 stars on Walmart.

Chin Strap
Chin Strap

3. Aveela High-End

Aveela high-end is a chin strap with a design of two-strap that wraps around the crown of the head keeping the jaws closed and preventing the mouths from opening. They come in different sizes for both adults and children, also it can be worn by men and women. 

Aveela high-end is made with breathable material that prevents heat while you sleep, this means that air can easily get to your skin. It can be worn while using other breathing devices like CPAP machines, nose vents, nasal strips, mouth tape and others. This strap is rated 4.5 star on Amazon which means it is effective and durable.

4. LogicWares Snore Stopper

Logicwares snore stopper is made of flexible neoprene fabric that is double stitched, this feature helps the chin strap to last longer while giving comfort to the user all through the night or sleep time. It has a longer strap that is adjustable and can accommodate different head sizes up to 18 inches in diameter. This strap is easy to use, does not irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions. Logicwares snore Stopper does not smell nor itch. It is rated 3.1 star in Ubuy online store.

5. Primada Premium

Primada premium is designed to have front and back soft straps that are comfortable to wear. The material used in making this chin strap is flexible and can easily for any head size. The under chin mechanism removes discomfort while sleeping. 

This strap is very effective that it has 4.1 stars from users on Amazon, 5.0 stars on Walmart and 8.8 out of 10 stars on BestViewsReviews. However, the drawbacks of this chin strap is that there is no opening for the ears, the strap covers the ears. Also, it is not suitable for CPAP.

6. Best in Rest Solution

Best in rest solution has strap that is made of light, soft and high quality cotton, this is suitable for people who do not like neoprene fabric. This chin strap surrounds the crest of the head while gently holding the jaw, this helps to distribute pressure to all parts of the head thereby reducing headache. The chin strap can be easily adjusted to fit any head size, it can also be used with CPAP therapy to eliminate snoring faster. Best in Rest Solution is rated 3.6 stars on Amazon.

7. ResMed CPAP Support

ResMed CPAP support is designed specially to be used with therapy masks. Some of the features of this chin strap are the latex-free material and extra soft cup that holds the jaw very well while the velcro fasteners hold the chin strap firmly around the head. ResMed CPAP Support does not cause irritation on the skin or allergic reactions. The material is safe and skin friendly. 

8. Sisufy Ultra Soft

This chin strap is made with very light lycra fabric that holds the jaws and allows air to flow freely through the nose. The lycra is very soft and breathable thereby keeping you cool while you sleep. It has a velcro fastener that is as long as 21-27 inches long which means it can fit just anyone. 

Sisufy ultra soft has double velcro fasteners which makes it difficult for hair to be caught or twisted. This strap has neat stitches without scratchy threads. Sisufy ultra soft has 3.7 stars on Ubuy, 4.8 stars on eBay, and 8.4 stars on BestViewsReviews.

9. Topaz Brace

Topaz brace is made with neoprene fabric, it has adjustable straps. This chin strap can last for long time, can be washed with machine and hypoallergenic. This strap is very easy to use, comfortable and has a secure fit. It has two straps that can be adjusted at the crown of the head and at the base of the neck. On Amazon, it is rated 3.8 stars.


1. PREMIUM Anti-Snore Chin Strap by ZARU

This is made with high quality material with adjustable straps. It is easy to use and very comfortable for the ears, back of the head, and the neck. It is very effective for eliminating snoring and it can last long. It is rated 3.4 star on Ubuy.

2. Smartech Smart Sleep

Smartech smart sleep is made with thicker material that is softer and gentle on the skin to avoid irritation. It is very comfortable and can fit any head size as it is made with adjustable straps however, very small or very large heads may not fit comfortably into this strap. It is rated 2.5 stars on Ubuy.

3. Anti-Snoring Chin Strap & Anti-Snoring Vent by Searick

This chin strap is made with 100% quality neoprene material, it has light weight, no smell and stretchy. The material is also breathable and this makes it comfortable to be used all through sleep time and also by anyone. Anti-snoring chin strap is very easy and designed to stay on the head comfortably without falling off. It is rated 3.0 stars on Amazon.

4. Gideon Adjustable

Gideon adjustable is made with comfortable and soft material with adjustable straps that is fully adjustable to fit any head size. The chin strap can hold the jaws firmly but gently to prevent snoring. This chin strap is very easy to use, you only have to sling it over your face and around your chin while making adjustments where needed. It is also perfect for CPAP therapy. 


  • It does not need to inserted into the mouth or nose, this makes it comfortable for anyone to use. 
  • There is no risk of jaw pain, teeth discomfort as it is non-invasive.
  • It can be used with dental devices and dentures.
  • It are easy to clean and store when it is not being used.
  • Chin strap can last for a very long time if properly used.


  • If you have nasal blockage or cold, it will be difficult to use chin strap.
  • Some materials used in making chin strap can irritate the skin.
  • There may be mild stiffness of the jaw for the first few days.


Chin strap is very effective in reducing snoring and mouth breathing. It can also be used by people who have sleep apnea. There are many chin straps in the market so you should go for the best so as to get the best result. 

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