Ryze Mushroom Coffee: Ingredients & Benefits

Ryze mushroom coffee unlike the regular coffee had lots of benefits to the health. Ryze mushroom coffee is a drink made from different types of functional and medical mushroom, medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil and coffee.

It is an alternative to the traditional American morning java and the regular coffee. Ryze mushroom coffee has a lower level of caffeine and more nutrients than the regular coffee. Its taste is nothing to be compared with that of the regular coffee as it has a distinct and special taste. Even though it is made from mushrooms it does not taste like mushrooms.

It is smooth and creamy in texture because of the Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. The mushrooms used are organic while the medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil and coffee used are not yet certified as organic. The Ryze company recommends that the ryze mushroom coffee should be drank first in the morning before moving out so as to have energy to run your day.

Ingredients that make up the Ryze Mushroom Coffee

A. Different Medical Mushrooms

The ryze coffee is more unique than the regular coffee because of the addition of six (6) different medical mushrooms. It contains 2000mg of mushrooms. These six medical mushrooms includes;

1. Cordyceps Mushrooms

The scientific name of this mushroom is Cordyceps sinensis. It is a rare fungus that grows from the large of an insect. For years, the Chinese have been using fungus to cure cough, kidney problems, fatigue and lot more. Study shows that athletes who take this have a strong tolerance to hyper-intensive exercises. It improves their exercise performance. Cordyceps sinensis have also been proven medically to improve your oxygen intake.

2. King Trumpet Mushrooms

The scientific name of this mushroom is Pleurotus eryngii. It is a mushroom that contains valuable phytonutrient ertothioneies and antioxidant that helps to protect the body against free radicals that could harm the body cells. King trumpet mushroom is well known to fight disease in the body.

3. Lion’s mane Mushrooms

The scientific name of this mushroom is Hericium erinaceus. They are known for their ability to fight neurological diseases. It also helps the brain by stimulating growth of the nerve cells.

4. Reishi Mushrooms

The scientific name of this mushroom is Ganoderma lucidum. It has been used in the Asian culture for boosting immunity, for energy, for anti aging cardiac problems and memory gain. It also helps in improving your kidney and liver function.

5. Turkey Tail Mushrooms

The scientific name of this mushroom is Trametes versicolar. It is said to have a polysaccharide content which helps it to possess its quality of treating gastric cancer, boosting immunity, increase some beneficial bacteria in the gut and supporting healthy gut microbiome.

6. Shilake Mushrooms

The scientific name of this mushroom is Lentinu edodes. This mushroom is a good source of some vitamins and minerals which includes; vitamin B, Niacin, Copper and pantothenic acid. It supports the body energy metabolism, it helps boost immunity and it also helps in brain development.

Benefits of these Mushrooms in Ryze Mushroom Coffee

1. It has Antioxidant Properties: These mushrooms have a lot of antioxidant which helps to protect your body from harm, helps fight against diseases and prevents premature aging.

2. It Helps to Boost Immunity: These mushrooms helps to stimulate and strengthen your immune system to produce anti cancer and anti tumor properties that helps fight against some harmful cells in the body.

3. It Helps Your Brain and Makes you Focus: This mushroom coffee does not have as much caffeine as the regular coffee. It helps to repair your neurons and improve it function. It also helps your brain to focus at work or when studying.

4. It Increases your Energy Level: These mushrooms gives energy to carry out your daily activities without feeling tired.

5. It is Rich in Vitamins: These mushrooms  have some essential vitamins and nutrients that can help lower your sugar level, prevent liver toxicity and lots more.

6. It Reduces the Risk of Heart Diseases: The mushroom named Reishi helps in reducing blood cholesterol level and in turn reduced the risk of a heart disease.

7. It Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Disease: These mushrooms helps to reduce the quantity of carbohydrates digested and absorbed in the intestine thereby keeping your blood sugar level in check.

B. Medium-Chain Triglyceride

Ryze mushroom coffee contains 4000mg of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. It is gotten from coconut oil and it is the ingredient that gives the coffee its creamy texture. This oil also provides energy.

C. Coffee

Ryze mushroom coffee contains coffee with the total caffeine content of 48mg. This is half the caffeine of a regular coffee. Caffeine acts a stimulant, it provides energy, it boost the brain, it can help people focus and it enhances exercise performance.

Benefits of the Coffee in Ryze Mushroom Coffee

  • Coffee contains essential nutrients which includes potassium, vitamin B3 and phosphorus.
  • Coffee helps you think
  • Coffee boost your nervous system.
  • Coffee makes you active.
  • Coffee has anticipation properties.

Safety Tips to Note before using Ryze Mushroom Coffee

Ryze mushroom coffee has lots of benefits but should not be used by;

1. People who are allergic to mushrooms, coconut oil or coffee.

2. People who have blunting, abdominal cramping and nausea.

3. People who experience side effects like dry mouth, stomach ache, itching and dizziness from previous drinking of the coffee. It is important to seek your Doctor’s advice before taking the Ryze mushroom coffee.


Ryze mushroom coffee is a drink that has lots of health benefits. It benefits comes from each of its ingredients; the mushrooms, the medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil and the coffee. You can still enjoy coffee without worrying about caffeine if you make ryze mushroom coffee your choice of coffee.

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