Coloprep: Side Effects And 5 Amazing Benefits

Coloprep is a bowel preparation kit that acts as a stimulant laxative. It comes in 2 flavors, orange and lemon, a kit contains 2 doses of 177ml. Laxatives are drugs that makes faeces soft and bowel movements easier. They can be used to lose weight, treat constipation or used to clear out still from the colon for a colonoscopy. When used before colonoscopy, it increases the amount of water retained in the intestines, the water induces bowel movement and cleans out the digestive tract. The medicine contains sodium sulphate, potassium sulphate and magnesium sulphate in the right proportions. 


Coloprep can be used in treating constipation. It works by stimulating more water to be absorbed from the body to make the stools softer to be passed out. It can also help the muscles in the digestive tract to contract rhythmically so as to allow stool passage. It is recommended for people who are going for colonoscopy procedure.

A colonoscopy is a procedure that involves inspecting the colon for abnormalities, a flexible fibre-optic device is inserted into the rectum and the connected camera shows the inside of the colon. If there is stool in your colon, it will be difficult for the device to get the exact image of the tract. So to avoid repeating the procedure, coloprep is given to the patient prior to the appointment. The laxative clears out stools by retaining water and cleansing the intestines. 


Coloprep is usually prescribed and used as advised by the doctor. You should talk to your doctor if you are taking any other laxative or have other medical issues like bowel perforation, gastrointestinal blockage or even stomach retention. Read the instructions on the medicine package on how to take the medication.

However, coloprep is taken in two doses; the first dose is taken in the evening before the day of the colonoscopy procedure. The second dose is taken on the day of the procedure but at least 3 and half hours before the colonoscopy is done. The second dose is taken 10 to 12 hours after the first dosage. If the medicine is used for constipation treatment, the dosage is twice. One to be taken at anytime and the other to be taken 10 to 12 hours after. You can even add lemon juice to the medicine if you wish.

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  1. Coloprep is used to relieve constipation.
  2. It helps to clear the digestive tract of any waste material and keep it clean for surgery or tests like colonoscopy.
  3. It has PEG 3350, a component that helps the intestines to absorb water and easily push out stool.
  4. A type of laxative called polyethylene glycol (PEG) which is a stool softener is contained in coloprep. It helps the system to get rid of stool and other unwanted materials. 
  5. It can be used to reduce weight but it must be prescribed by a doctor.


Coloprep is very safe to be used in cleansing the system. The medicine is made with natural products and no harsh chemicals that will damage the body. Unlike some laxatives, it does not interrupt with the body’s normal activities. The active chemicals used in producing this product are thoroughly absorbed by the body so you do not have to experience their presence in your stomach or even pass them out as stool. 

It is prescribed by doctors when a patient is unable or experience difficulties in passing out stool. The laxative should not be used for a long time, it should not be taken daily for two weeks to avoid inducing extreme dehydration.


Coloprep is safe for consumption but there are minor side effects you can experience, these effects are normal. They usually go away on their own after some days or when the laxative has no potency in the body. The follow side effects are common if you follow the doctors prescription. But, if you do not follow the recommended prescription, you may experience further complications.

Some side effects are:

1. Dehydration

Your body may experience lack of water, this is normal because the laxative absorbs all water from to the body to the intestines to help push out stool. It is advised to take as much water as possible when taking coloprep. 

2. Thirst

Dehydration makes the mouth and throat dry. As the body lacks water, a signal is sent to the brain and you get the feeling of being thirsty. 

3. Abdominal Discomfort

Cramps can be experienced, the pain should be mild. If the pain becomes severe, it may be caused by another issue and you will have to see a doctor.

4. Dizziness

The laxative causes diarrhea which is a means of passing out stool and other unwanted materials. The constant passing of stool can make you weak and dizzy.

5. Nausea

You may feel sick in your digestive tract and have a strong urge to vomit. This discomfort is caused by the colon trying to absorb water or push out stool.

6. Bloating

Bloating is another side effect. You will feel swelling in your lower abdomen, this swelling is caused by the intestines being filled with water.

All these side effects are common if you follow the prescription. But, if you do not follow the recommended prescription, you may experience further complications. 

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Always seek the advice of a doctor before taking coloprep. The doctor are in the best position to tell you how to use the medicine even other laxatives and drugs.

These people includes:

  • Pregnant women
  • People taking other laxatives
  • People having renal diseases
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • People taking drugs used in treating bacterial infections, bladder cancer, eye infections and HIV.


It should never be used as a juice or to replace water, but must only be used when there is need for it. For people who experience constipation, it is only recommended if the patient does not pass out stool after 3 days. Coloprep is used in colonoscopy. Colonoscopy can be done once in a lifetime, once every ten years or every 1 to 5 years depending on the health issue and status.


Coloprep will cause some changes in your body but these changes are just temporary. They last as long as the medicine is potent. If the drug loses its potency in the body, the side effects fade away. 

1. Remember that coloprep is used to clear out the colon so you will have to pass out more stool than you used to. Expect severe diarrhea so you should stay near a restroom to limit the time you spend holding in the faeces. 

2. The stool you will pass out will be watery and yellow because of the water retained in the intestines that helps to flush out the colon. The yellow liquid shows that the coloprep was effective and that the colon is clean. Brown, cloudy liquid or fecal matter shows that there are more unwanted materials in the colon.

3. Bloating and abdominal discomfort is commonly noticed but to reduce how severe these effects will be, you should drink the medicine slowly and over a long period of time. Gulping it at a go will not help with the cramps.

4. If you vomit the medicine, rinse off your mouth, take a little break for 30 minutes and continue drinking the laxative.


The laxative comes in a kit or packet, the cost can be between $4 to $16 depending on the store and the amount of packets you want because the laxative comes in different quantities. Coloprep can be found in local stores, pharmacies, hospitals or any drug store that sells over-the-counter medicine. You can only get coloprep in a hospital if you have a prescription.

Online stores like Amazon, Aliexpress Jumia and others sells it. Buying from Amazon may be better because a box that has 12 packets of the medicine goes for $12.46 which is half penny for each. Bulk buying can get a box of coloprep for $6. However, you can only buy in bulk if you have other uses for it, a packet is enough for one bowel movement. 


Most people start passing out stool after two to three hours of taking the medicine, this may vary in other persons. If colon cleansing does not start after the expected time, an extra dose may be given. You should not take the extra dose without consulting your doctor. 


Constipation can cause difficulty in passing out stool or the intestines being filled with hard faeces. To reduce this issue, coloprep is given to the patient. It is a laxative that helps with constipation treatment, weight loss and to clean out the colon before a colonoscopy. The laxative is dissolved in water and taken in two doses to stimulate water retention in the intestines and easy passage of stool.

Minor side effects are to be experienced of you followed the right prescription but more complications can set in if the required directions are not used. Always take the medicine if it is prescribed by a health personnel and drink lots of water while at it.

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