5 Best Affordable Cradle Cap Brush

In this article you will find out about cradle cap brush, the best types of the brushes and where to buy it at affordable price. First let’s find out what a cradle cap is?. Cradle cap is sometimes called crip cap. It is a skin condition that is common in babies, which causes the appearance of a scaly rash on their scalp. It is usually not something to get worried about, as it often does not require medical treatment and it can go away on its own and can be remove.

About 70% of babies are affected by cradle cap. The condition tends to start on the scalp, and then sometimes, slowly progresses to the forehead, face, eyebrows, behind the ears, and even in the armpits. You may most likely notice it in the first 3 months of your baby’s life or when they are between the age of 12 months and 4 years, although this is very rare.


Symptoms of cradle cap include:

  • Yellow scales and crusts attached to the scalp
  • Mild redness sometimes
  • Greasy scales

There are special brushes made for removing cradle cap, and in this article, you will be given a list of six great cradle cap brushes that you can get from Amazon. They are also available at Target and on a visit to the hospital, your doctor might give you one.


Experts are yet to be conclusive on the actual cause of cradle cap. Several factors are considered, such as the mother’s hormones. These hormones cross the placenta before the baby is born, and cause the oil glands in the baby’s skin to become hyperactive, causing an abnormal release of oil.

Normally, dead skin cells do fall off, but the excess oil secreted caused these dead cells to stick instead, to the baby’s skin, hence, forming the yellow crusts and scales on the scalp. Other factors that may play a role in the development of cradle cap could be weather, nutrition, or fungal infection.


Medically, it is not necessary to get rid of cradle cap as it is harmless. However, if you want to get rid of it , there are some safe methods you can use that have been scientifically proven to be effective, although results will likely be temporary.

One of these methods is brushing out the cradle cap from your baby’s scalp, however, you must do this gently as their scalp is still tender and could be easily irritated, and that could create tiny cuts in their scalp, which may get infected. Also, do not pick or scrape out the flakes from their scalp.

To brush off cradle cap from your baby’s scalp while using a brush, move in a particular direction and continue brushing through the hair in that direction slowly and gently to remove flakes from each hair strand. You can do this when your baby’s hair is either wet or dry. To avoid irritation brush at least once a day, but if it still becomes irritated, then brush less often.


Cradle cap brush is specially designed to help you remove and slowly loosening the flakes off your baby’s hair. With these brushes, you don’t have to be concerned about causing your baby’s scalp to get irritated, because the effect of using them is soothing, thereby, making your baby feel a calming scalp massage.

Here is a list of some of the best cradle cap brushes:

1. Safety 1st Cradle Cap Brush & Comb: This is a uniquely designed cradle cap all-in-one brush and comb. So, not only does it allow you to massage the flakes lose, but you can also use the comb to remove them afterward. The unique all-in-one Safety 1st cradle cap brush and comb is also affordable, at $5 you can get it on Amazon.

2. Scalp Scrubby Cradle Cap Brush and Baby Bath time Sponge Brush: Another multipurpose cradle cap brush, best used during bath time, so if you prefer to remove cradle cap when your baby’s hair is wet, this would be a great choice. It has hundreds of bristles that make cleaning effectively. It also comes in a set of 3, so if you misplace one, you have an easy replacement and at $9 you can get it on Amazon.

3. FridaBaby DermaFrida The SkinSoother Baby Bath Silicone Brush: Yet another cradle cap brush perfect for bath time when your baby’s hair is wet. FridaBaby DermaFrida Silicone Brush is an antibacterial cradle cap brush with a gentle cleanser that soothes your baby’s skin. It is sold at $11 for a set of 2 at Amazon.

4. OCCObaby 3-Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set For Newborns and Toddlers: This cradle cap brush jar been designed to be suitable for toddlers also, as it comes in 2 types; The soft hair rush and the comb. The soft hairbrush is made with goat hair which can perfectly soothe your baby’s scalp, and the comb softly removes the flakes from the scalp. This damaging cradle cap brush set claims to help stop the cradle cap in its tracks by evenly distributing oil to the scalp of your baby. It is sold at $18.80 on Amazon.

5. Innobaby Bathin’ Smart Baby Silicone Cradle Cap Brush: The adorable fish-shaped cradle cap brush is very functional as it gently massages the flakes away. The brush has over 3,000 micro-bristles on one side, and bumps and grooves on the other side. These features make it convenient for removing stubborn dry flakes. It also comes with a suction cup so you can store it whenever you please and at $6, you can get it at Amazon.

6. Scrube Silicone Hand, Body, Face Scrubber: You could also consider getting this amazing cradle cap brush. It is very easy and safe to use, and it helps you manage the cradle cap. It is BPA and PVC-free, so you can let it hang outside the bathtub to dry. It is sold at $8.99 on Amazon.

Cradle Cap Brush
Cradle Cap Brush


1. Wash your baby’s hair with anti-dandruff shampoo: With your doctor’s prescription, you can use a baby anti-dandruff shampoo to wash your baby’s hair. Proper hair hygiene can help in getting rid of cradle cap. All you have to do is massage the shampoo gently into your baby’s wet hair and scalp, then use a baby towel to lather the shampoo by gently rubbing the affected areas.

Carefully brush out the hair, preferably with a cradle cap brush, then rinse off the baby’s hair to remove all shampoo and lose flakes. Too much shampooing, however, especially using anti-dandruff, can dry out your baby’s scalp and this can worsen cradle cap, so be sure to ask your doctor how frequently you are to wash your baby’s hair.

2. Hydrate the hair: Doing this will loosen the flakes and also nourish the scalp. You can use any of these plant oils such as coconut, olive, jojoba, or almond oil for this, but first, try using a small amount of chosen oil on your baby’s scalp to check for any signs of irritation. 

If there is no irritation, then apply a small amount of the chosen plant oil to your baby’s scalp, massage gently for about a minute, then allow the oil for 15 minutes to soak into the scalp before washing it off with baby shampoo. It is a safe way of getting rid of cradle cap, as long as your baby is not allergic to the oil. You can do this once daily.

3. Use of mild medical cream: Your doctor might recommend a mild corticosteroid, an antifungal, or a zinc cream, but this is only when the case is extreme. Follow the instructions your doctor will give regarding how to use any of the prescribed creams.


Usually, cradle cap does not require medical attention, but it could get severe, and when it does, take your baby to see a doctor.

How do you know when it is severe?

Sometimes yeast infection can develop in the affected area, so when you notice any of the signs below, seek medical help. Signs of an infected cradle cap:

  • Scales start to leak fluid
  • Redness of the skin
  • The affected area feels warm
  • Unpleasant smell from the affected area

In this case, your doctor may prescribe medications that will help deal with the infection. You may be prescribed an anti-yeast cream.


Cradle cap is not uncommon for babies and does not need any medical treatment unless when infected, then your doctor would prescribe a mild medical cream to use on the affected area, and sometimes, your doctor might give you a special brush to take home.

A cradle cap brush is specially designed to help parents loosen and remove flakes on the scalp of their babies. There are several uniquely designed cradle cap brushes, some are designed to be best suited for baby’s bath time when their hair is wet, and some come in a set of a brush and a comb to help with both loosening and removing flakes, and they are all affordable on Amazon.

There are also other ways you can get rid of cradle cap, but if you prefer to brush out cradle cap, then you really should consider getting a cradle cap brush. Not only does it make it easy for you, but it will also leave your baby feeling calm and prevent their scalp from getting irritated easily.

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