Dysport Vs Botox

Dysport vs Botox are injectable medications that is used in the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines on the face and forehead. This two injectable medications are safe and both of them are neuromodulators and they have their difference and similarities.

This neuromodulators helps in a temporary paralyzing of the  face which in turn helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines on the face and helps to smoothen the face.


Although dysport and botox works via the same mechanism, they still have their differences and this differences are based on the following:

(1) Dosage

Dosage is one of the characteristics that best explain the difference between dysport and botox. Although this two injectable medication helps in tackling similar problem, their dosage are not the same. It takes three units of dysport to equal the muscle relaxing strength of one unit of botox.

When injecting either of the two medication, the person should meet a licensed medical professional for a proper and correct dosage as because 100 units of dysport does not equal a 100 units of botox

(2) Molecular size

The molecular size is another basis to which dysport and botox can be differentiated. Dysport has a small molecules unlike botox which medium molecules. This small molecules is very beneficial because it leads to wide area spreading and it also makes dysport to work faster unlike botox.

(3) Dilution

When it comes to dilution, dysport is diluted differently from botox. For instance, a case where a person used to take botox and his or her system has now become used to the dosage (a certain number of units that has been administered) for treatment. If dysport is to be given at this point and the person decides to switch to botox, then the number of units to be administered must be increased.

(4) Diffusion

Diffusion is another characteristic for differentiating dysport from botox. Diffusion in dysport and botox helps explain which of medication circulates faster after being injected. In this case, when it comes to the extent of circulation dysport is greater than botox.

When dysport is injected, it can reach a wider or broader area whereas for botox is not so. Dysport diffuse very fast than botox and that is why it is used for complicated treatment. That is why this post dysport vs botox is recommended for all.

(5) Onset (Evidence or result)

Onset in this context simply means the evidence or result. It is another characteristics that helps differentiate dysport from botox. Dysport shows a quicker result (onset), it takes 24 hours which is a day for the evidence to be seen but when it comes to botox, it’s onset is slow compared to dysport. Botox requires 72 hours which is three days for it evidence to be seen.


(1) Treatment of wrinkles and fine lines: Wrinkles and fine lines are those facial ailment that is experienced by persons especially the women as the age or as a result of some cosmetic that has more chemicals in it. Dysport and botox both helps in the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines. That is one of the similarity among them.

 (2) Temporary result: Temporary result is another similarity in comparing dysport vs botox. Both dysport and botox helps to treat wrinkles. Also, the result gotten from both of them are temporary. That is to say dysport has a temporary result as well as botox.


So many persons ask this question, “is dysport better than botox or vice versa”. Their reason for asking this question is to know which of them should be preferable as well as the one that will bring faster result.

It can’t be said that either of the two injectable medication is better than the other, this is because both of them are good and the level of the result you get from using them is based on the area your face applicable for treatment. Such area include the eye, lips, checks, forehead and others.

When dysport is injected, it dose not  just stay at the that particular area or point of injection, but rather, it diffuses to larger areas of the face. However, when it comes to botox, the injection stays at the injection area. Therefore, dysport is suitable for treating larger area and it is preferable when it comes to treating the following:  Wrinkles around the lines and forehead lines.

Botox  dose not diffuse to larger areas so it’s only used for the treatment of lip lines which is also known as smoker lines that this research on “Dysport vs botox” was carried out.


Dysport and botox has the capability of having similar results. The only difference between their result is gotten from onset ( the time frame from which the result can be clearly seen). When it comes to dysport, the result can be clearly seen after 24 hours. which is just the interval of one day but when it comes to botox, the result can only be clearly seen after 72 hours, making an interval of three days. Therefore, dysport gives fast result whereas Botox result result is slow but the result gotten is similar.


Although the result gotten from dysport and botox are both temporary, all of them do not last for the same period of time. The extent to which this medication can last depends on the area that was treated but mostly, botox last longer than dysport. The result shows that botox last for six months after injection while dysport last for the period of four months after injection.


The topic of ” dysport vs botox” in terms of cost effective has gain a lot of attention. Botox is cheaper than dysport, this is because the cost of getting one unit of botox is $15 while the cost of getting a unit of dysport is $5.

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