Why Is My Nose red

In recent times people have asked ” Why is my nose red? “. It is not uncommon to see your nose being red sometimes and you are not the only one experiencing it as it also happen to most people too.

You can have a red nose as a result to allergies, infection, cold or flu. It can also happen to some people when they are feeling emotions like anger, excitement or embarrassment. You can have a red nose when you constantly wipe your nose maybe due to runny nose.

Red nose can result from flushing of the face when you have fever or when you have some skin infections on the blood vessels in parts of your nose tissues.


There are some things that will cause you to have a red nose. These things can cause your nose to be irritated and your nose will look red. The redness of the nose can be temporary.
Some of the common causes are : 
(1) Dry Skin
When the skin does not get enough water and oil to keep it soft and supple, it dries out. This can cause your skin to have patches, rough texture and cracks. It can also cause itching. Your skin can become dry when you do not hydrate it from time to time or always bath with hot water for a long time.

Using harsh products can leave your skin dry, loose and wrinkled. The effect of this is that some irritated parts of the skin that is dry will turn red. Dry skin can also cause eczema which can make the nose red and itchy. 
(2) Allergies
People have different things they are allergic to. Some allergies affect the eyes, others affect the nose or even the face. Some flowers, scents, pet hairs even skin products are allergens. Coming in contact with them can make you sneeze, itchy and uncomfortable. You may get a runny nose. Frequent scratching of the irritated area or wiping your nose will make you have redness of the nose.
(3) Rosacea
This is a serious skin condition that can cause your skin to be red, irritated and show your blood vessels. It can affect other parts of your face like your cheeks, nose, ears, chin and even your other body parts. Rosacea can cause permanent redness and acne. It can also cause your skin to become bumpy and rough.
(4) Rhinophyma
When rosacea is not treated, it can develop to rhinophyma. It makes your nose to be thicken and become red. There is no cure for this but it can be managed. The male hormones, testosterone makes it easier for men to develop this skin condition.
(5) Injuries
Surgery, hitting the nose and other injuries that may occur on the nose can make it look reddish and swollen. 
(6) Acne
Acne, pimples and other nose infection can cause redness around your nose. Touching your nose every time and trying to press the pimple will leave your nose red.
(7) Skin Irritation
Just by scratching your nose when you feel that itchy sensation can make your nose become red.
(8) Cold or harsh weather conditions
Exposing yourself to cold or blustery air affect your body. Apart from feeling cold and chilly, your skin especially your nose can have congestion and become red.
(9) Perioral dermatitis
This is another skin condition that causes rashes on parts of the face including the nose. This can be caused by the use of some steroid creams. Steroid creams are used to reduce inflammation like eczema. Perioral dermatitis can be a side effects of these creams.
(10) Sunburn
Sunburn happens when your skin burn due to long exposure to sunlight. It results in many parts of your body feeling itchy, having wrinkles and redness. It can cause your nose and under to start peeling off.
(11) Spicy and hot foods 
Eating hot and spicy foods will leave you with runny nose. In order to stop the mucus from entering your mouth, you will constantly wipe your nose. This can cause redness.


Before you start treating a red nose, it is important to know what caused it. This will help you know the best and right treatment method to use. Some redness of the nose can be cured with creams and medication while others require you to avoid some things.

  •   Treating Allergies

First, you should find out what makes you have allergic reaction. It is a good way to start. Try to avoid coming in contact with allergens. If you have redness of the nose due to allergies, gently dabbing your nose with a soft clothe can help reduced the irritation. Also, there are medications that can stop the itching. 

  •  Dry skin

Try to keep your body hydrated by taking enough water at least with glasses a day. This will provide your skin with much moisture and make it soft. You can also use moisturizing creams and lotions if your skin type is dry skin.

• Rosacea and rhinophyma

Stress and consumption of certain foods can cause rosacea. You can see a doctor to know the foods to avoid. Sunscreen can stop rosacea and rhinophyma from spreading to other parts of your face. You can use antibiotics, surgery is recommended in extreme cases.

• Spicy and hot food

Avoid eating hot food, allow the food to be warm before you eat. When you have runny nose as a result of hot, spicy food, using a hot and cold pack can reduce the irritation.

• Acne

When you have acne, pimples or other breakouts on your face, medication and creams can help clear them. Avoid touching or pressing them, this will only cause swelling and redness. Be sure you are not allergic to a cream or medication.

• Skin Irritation

This can go away on its own in an hour or more. Use a soothing moisturizer on the irritated area. 

• Cold weather

When out on a cold weather, be sure to wear appropriate clothing’s that will cover your skin. You can use a moisturizer.

• Perioral dermatitis

When you notice redness due to use of steroid creams, see your doctor and discontinue use. You can use antibiotics to clear the rashes.

• Injuries

Avoid any injury on your nose. Do not hit or allow another person to hit your nose. Apart from your nose becoming red, you can have bleeding.

• Sunburns

Protect your skin with a hat or a cap when going out on a sunny day. Apply sunscreen every two hours to avoid ultraviolet sun rays from burning your skin.You can use gentle, soothing cream on the affected areas. This research topic “Why is my nose red” is recommended for all.


In this article we have consider the topic ” Why is my nose red” . Red nose is not a disease but can be a sign of another underlying disease. It does not take time to fade away unless it is caused by rosacea or rhinophyma. In these cases, you can only manage them to avoid spreading to other parts. If you have recurring redness of the nose, see your doctor. I hope this artice “Why is my nose red” have answered your question.

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