Fake Braces: 5 Types of Braces And Unseen Dangers of Fake Braces

A gap in between the teeth and a crooked teeth or misalignment of the teeth can hinders a persons smiles and causes insecurity as they are not able to smile properly. To prevent this most persons go for braces; fake braces are popularly known as a fashion statement.


Misalignment of the teeth is quite common in people across all age groups. Misalignment is when Your upper and lower teeth do not get along together. Each set, heads off in a different direction especially when you try to close your mouth. It can cause long-term bite problems, such as overbites and under-bites. The Jaw size, tooth size discrepancy is responsible for crooked teeth in majority of the cases. Misalignment of the teeth can be hereditary.

When your teeth are together they should all touch their opposing teeth in an even or balanced way. All the upper teeth should be slightly outside of the opposing lower teeth when they come together and when it is not then the dentition are crooked and need to be align by the help of braces which can be taken care of by an Orthodontist. In most cases Misalignment are caused by genetics, it can also be caused by injury to the jaw. 

Other factors that contribute to misalignment are excessive wear and tear on the teeth, and long-term use of pacifiers. Among these, the most common cause of misalignment is untreated cavities, which can lead to crowding of the permanent teeth.


Fake braces work mostly due to metal wire which is put in the brackets and glue to the teeth so your teeth can move along with the wire. Fake braces are considered a cute and rich thing in some society. It is use as a fashion accessory like some other things. Having a straight teeth are the default fashion statement, so much so that you rarely see people with teeth that are not straight. The use of fake braces on the teeth is just a way of showing your affluence.

 Fake braces are Popular especially in Countries like Malaysia, Thailand, China, Philippines, Indonesia where Braces shows a symbol of Status. There are people who associate braces with a sign of being wealthy as the treatment is quiet expensive. The also think of wearing braces as a kind of fashion. Some also believe that wearing braces would not only correct their teeth, but also can make their faces more oval-shaped and look better.

Fake Braces can result in much more self-confidence and can also improve functional health with your jaw alignment, chewing but it is not as effective as the Orthodontic Braces course it is more of a teeth jewelry than  a dental treatment. Fashion braces also known as Fake Braces is a confidence booster, people usually take their first impression by a person’s smile and love being able to smile with straight teeth.

Fake Braces
Fake Braces


Braces are fixed orthodontic treatment units which are fixed over the teeth to correct the position of the teeth. There are Five(5) main types of Orthodontic braces available and the include:

1. Ceramic Braces: Ceramic Braces  are light and invisible. It causes mild numbness, no pain and low irritation. Ceramic braces are made from materials that is transparent or less visible, there are also made up Polycrystalline alumina. The ceramic braces are not close to as observable as metal braces. It is also called clear Braces.

2. Metal Braces: These are the conventional Clips that correct the improperly aligned teeth. They are the most common type of braces. Metal braces often need less treatment time, the tend to be a little stronger and more durable. The metal braces will in general move your teeth marginally quicker than any other type of braces, example of such braces are power chain braces.

3. Lingual Braces: Lingual braces are braces that are attached to the back side of your teeth, or the inside. Which would be the tongue side for your lower teeth and palate side for your upper teeth. Lingual braces are excellent for people with a busy lifestyle who need to be out and about in public or those who would be conscious about wearing braces. Lingual braces tend to take longer than other methods to move your teeth to proper position. You will get the same result, but it will take longer to get there.

4. Invisalign Braces: Invisalign serves it’s purpose in certain cases, It is not panacea for all the orthodontic cases. Invisalign is invisible and it can be wore throughout the day without getting noticed and it can be remove whenever you feel like it. Invisalign is clear, transparent and not visible to others, they are removable, they are no ulcer formation which usually happens with usual wire braces and among all the are less discomforting than usual wire braces.

It doesn’t restrict your diet like other braces and you can eat whatever you want. People with other braces hesitate while speaking, but with Invisalign, they can laugh without feeling shy. It also takes less time to fix your crooked teeth.

5. Self-ligating Braces: The self-ligating brackets are characterized as a dental brace, Self ligating Braces are one of the advances in bracket system of Orthodontics. Self ligating braces are a little easier and quicker for the orthodontist to use, and although they cost a little more to the orthodontist.

The self ligating braces do not have elastic, rubber, or metal wires bounded as they have special clips or brackets which help the arch wire to move your teeth. With Self ligating braces, treatment could be more comfortable and less time consuming.


The dangers of fake braces include the following:

  • A weak support for your teeth by the gums, periodontal weakness.
  • Sensitivity of teeth may happen if you were not properly following the dietary habits.
  • Tooth decay or discoloration of tooth can occur, if you don’t take proper care of your teeth with Fake braces.
  • Damage of the enamel of the teeth will occur with poor oral hygiene course fake braces obstruct easy access to blushing of the teeth as convenient as it would have been without the braces on.
  • Food lodgment around your teeth can lead to cavities or gum problem.
  • You cannot chew properly.
  • Fake Braces since not fixed by a dental professional can slip into the wearer’s throat and cause choking.
  • Most fake braces contain metals like Lead and leakage of this metal can lead to severe complications like liver damage and cancer.
  • Swallowing the materials from the fake braces can lead to clinical death unlike the orthodontic brace which is properly fixed and has less chance of the materials being swallowed.


Orthodontic Braces which are placed properly by a properly trained individual, rarely cause damage to the teeth while Fake Braces can be place in a cosmetic Shop by an untrained dentition individual which can lead to several dangers. The following are the differences between the two:

  • Orthodontic Braces are prescribed and fitted by an orthodontist while Fake or Fashion braces are not Prescribed.
  • Fashion or Fake Braces do not required licensed personnel, The are mostly fitted by Jewelers who are not dental professionals.


Fake braces as a fashion accessory are more of an individual choice and not a medical emergency. In most part of the world, some individuals with perfect straight teeth still opt for fashion braces not for alignment but just for the elegance attach to using it. There’s nothing wrong with people who have crooked teeth, it’s just the way that their teeth and jaws were formed.

If you are not satisfied enough with the current positions of your teeth then you might go for braces. To avoid ruining the teeth while having fake braces on, it is advisable to brush twice a day and flossing as well.

People having misalignment of the teeth should go for Orthodontic braces which can correct all crooked teeth that needs to be align and not the fake braces, the fake braces plays the role of a cosmetic accessory than a dental solution. Fake braces as a fashion statement  should not be use for a long interval to avoid the dangers associated with it.

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