Fibroblast Treatment: Reviews, Cost, Helpful Tips And 9 Notable Locations For Treatment

Wondering what fibroblast treatment is all about, the cost and where to get treatment? Keep on reading to get all answers to these questions.

A fibroblast is a cell that makes the extracellular matrix and collagen. The extracellular matrix and collagen together form the structural framework of the tissue and help in repairing tissues. The fibroblast is responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of the connective tissues in humans and animals. They secrete the extracellular matrix precursors that are needed to form the connective tissue and various fibers.

As the human body ages, the skin may no longer be firm and strong as it was when young. Many people are not willing or ready to go through surgery procedures that involve knife so they opt for non-surgical methods. One of the methods can be fibroblasting. Fibroblasting is a non-surgical plastic treatment that uses microbeams (plasma) to initiate the production of the essential components that makes the skin healthy and firm.

These two essential components are the collagen and elastin. Fibroblasting can be done to many areas of the body, it can be used to remove stretch marks after pregnancy and can also be used to remove wrinkles and lines on the face. Fibroblasting treatment can be used in treating:

  • Excess skin tissues around the eyebrows to the eyelid (Hooded eyes)
  • Excess skin on the jawline and chin (Jowls)
  • Stretch marks
  • Lines and wrinkles on the face
  • Acne scars
  • Lip lines
  • Lines around the eyes (Crow’s feet)
  • Excess skin on the neck
  • Sagged breasts
  • Tightening the skin on the buttocks, arms, knees, stomach and thighs.


Plasma is simply ionized gas that is positively charged. For this to happen, the gas must have a good amount of energy that will free the electrons and allow them to coexist with the ions. When plasma comes in contact with the skin, it creates little wounds (very tiniest and almost invisible wounds that do not bleed) and this stimulates the fibroblast in the skin.

These stimulations pump out white blood cells that repairs damaged skin and produce extra collagen, this makes the skin healthy, firm and thick. To introduce the plasma into the skin, a plasma application device called a plasma pen is used. The pen allows estheticians and beauticians to control how plasma is injected to the skin. The PMFA journal in 2019 listed other benefits the heat from a plasma pen, these benefits are:

  • Breaking down the proteins in the skin
  • Stimulating the fibroblast 
  • Encouraging the tissues in the body to regenerate
  • Tightening the tissues

There has not been too many studies on plasma fibroblast treatment because it is a new treatment, however, there has been a small study in 2007 on this procedure. The study involved eight participants, the participants each received a full face treatment every 3 weeks. When the study came to an end, participants recorded about 37 percent reduction in the wrinkles on their face and overall improvement in facial appearance up to 68 percent.

An article published by the journal Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology in 2014 showed that the effects of plasma fibroblast treatment will continue stimulating the fibroblast to produce the extracellular matrix and collagen for up to 1 year after treatment. For people with Fitzpatrick skin types, fibroblast treatment is effective according to a study published by the National Library of Medicine in 2020.

Apart from surgical incisions, there are other reasons why people go for fibroblasting. Some of the reasons are:

  • There is no risk of having infections
  • No bleeding as there are no cuts or incisions
  • It takes a short period of time to be done
  • The healing process is very fast
  • No surgery scars
  • The procedure is not painful
  • There are no hyperpigmentation or inflammatory reaction
  • The specific areas are precisely targeted
  • There is no damage to other tissues
  • Procedure is Chemical-free


You should note that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved fibroblasting to be used for any aesthetic procedure that intends to improve the appearance of the skin. Also, countries like Canada does not authorize using this plasma pen for cosmetic procedures. There are some side effects that may occur during the procedure, some of them are:

  • Burns usually second and third degree
  • Accumulation of air or gas in the blood vessels, cavities and under the skin
  • Change in color
  • Scarring
  • Nerve damage
  • Bleeding but are usually rare.
  • Swelling of the treated area
  • Light or dark spots on the skin
  • Peeling of the skin

Also, this method of treatment is not safe or suitable for some people like:

  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Pregnant women
  • People with open wounds
  • People living with excessive anxiety about their appearance (Body dysmorphia)
  • Individuals with autoimmune system
  • People with a systemic condition, which affects the entire body
  • People with infection 
  • People whose skin always leave scars.
  • Individuals who are using isotretinoin for treating wrinkles or acne.

Note: You should never try to perform the plasma fibroblast treatment at home as it may lead to serious harm.


There is no fixed cost or price for fibroblast treatment, the cost depends on the area of the skin that is being treated or the health practitioner performing the procedure. The Celebrity Skincare spa in Arizona estimated the cost of having this treatment in their facility to be $500 for forehead lines treatment and $400 for treating crow’s feet. A spa in Rhinebeck, in New York called RAIN Spa charges $720 for the upper or lower lip and $600 to treat the undereye region. 

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimated the average cost having nonsurgical skin tightening is $2,456 and fibroblast treatment is considered to be non-surgical treatment. The Aesthetic Society notes that skin-tightening procedures may cost around $760. If you are only having fibroblast treatment, the price may be $500.


It is advised that you only use the services of professionals especially doctors for this procedure to reduce the risks and side effects. You should not use unlicensed practitioners for this procedure, if you are using beauticians, make sure they are licensed to perform cosmetic surgeries. You can check up for professional on the following websites

  • American Board of Cosmetic Surgery
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • The Aesthetic Society

All these websites can be accessed in different countries.


There has been reviews by people who had this treatment done to their skin. Most of the reviews testified to the amazing benefits of fibroblast. Some said their wrinkles went down to 60% and their skin tightened. There is also reviews about stretch marks smoothening out and other feel good and happy about their skin. 

However, there are other reviews that stated that it can take between 8 to 12 weeks before you can see the full results. Others complained that the sting from the fibroblast was uncomfortable a little bit. 


  • Be CLINICAL, a medical and aesthetic clinic in San Ramon & San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Rejuve Med Spa team in Dallas, Texas
  • Beauti Science Med Spa in Plano, Texas
  • Tribeca MedSpa in New York City
  • Mylissa’s Medical Boutique in Florida
  • Revive Clinic in Miami, Florida
  • Dr. Rita Rakus Clinic in London
  • The Harley Street Skin Clinic, United Kingdom
  • Airesthetics in South Africa and in Nigeria


During the procedure, the plasma does not cause scars to appear on the areas but sometimes after the procedure, there may be scarring. The scarring can appear of proper care is not given to the skin, that is why it is very important to take good care of the skin after fibroblast treatment to reduce the chances of developing scars. 
There are factors that may cause scarring. Factors like the following:

  • Inexperienced aesthetic therapist 
  • Skin type
  • If the treatment dots are not well spaced
  • Aggressive treatment

To avoid scarring, 

  • Keep the area clean and dry always
  • Avoid using makeup or exfoliating products on the skin
  • Do not expose yourself to sunlight and if you must go out, always wear a sunscreen for you to 3 months
  • Do not pick at the healing scabs
  • Allow your skin to heal


After the treatment, you can wash your face but do so with lukewarm water and mild face cleanser or soap at least twice a day. Avoid any product that will irritate your skin. Do not rub or scratch the area so as not to cause scarring. Also, Do not stand with your face under a hot shower for the first 3-4 days. Apply gentle healing ointment for at least a week till the scabs are off.


Fibroblast treatment is a non surgical procedure that can make the skin firmer, smoother, thicker and more healthy. For this treatment, a plasma pen is used to apply energy and thermal heat to the skin thereby stimulating the fibroblast to produce more extracellular matrix and collagen.

It is advised that you use the services of experienced and licensed professionals to avoid risks and complications. After the procedure, follow the aftercare instructions.

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