All About Golden Melon

In this blog post, we shall be examining the topic titled ” All About Golden Melon”. Golden melon belongs to the family of cucurbitaceae with botanical name cucumis melo.

This fruit is prevalent in African countires and other continents of the world including America, Canada and Carribean countries including south America.

In Nigeria, Golden Melon is found in the north, South and in abundance Western part of the country especially in Oyo and Osun state. Other types of melon which are common in especially in African continent include: the winter melon, Canary melon , Galia melon, honey dew melon, water melon and many more.

Among thess types of melon as mention above, research is carried out predominantly on water melon and golden meoln because of their health benefits and abundance especially in African continent.

Golden-melon and water melon are one of the Nigeria’s export crop fruit which is very expensive especially in European contries and other continents of the world.

Research as shown that golden melon thrives best in west African country especially Nigeria. The export of this fruit has help to improve the GDP of Nigeria.

This fruit is sometimes called sweet melon which is oval in shape with golden yellow color skin together with creamy whitish flesh with small seeds. Golden-melon has a pleasant taste . Sometimes its taste like the combination of water melon and quava.

It is widely consume because of its health benefits and composition. First, we are going to look at the composition of golden melon.

Composition of Golden Melon

The recent research carried out by plant pathologhy and food science and technology laboratory in Nigeria has reveal that this fruit is made up of about 98 percent of calcium, 21perecent of phosphorus with smaller content of Vitamin A and C including the latic acid.

This constituent nutrients has clearly shown that golden melon is very essential for bone formation, red blood cells production among others.

This is the main reason why golden melon should be a constant diet for every home.

Health Benefits of Golden Melon

Golden melon benefits are numerous to mention. That is why the fruit is recommended for all. The most common benefits of golden melon are:

  • Helps in blood formation.
  • Its improves vision since it contains vitamin A
  • Very efficient in building body immune system against sickness and diseases.
  • This friut contains a small amount of lactic acid, hence, its helps in milk production.
  • It is recommended for pregnant women for body building.
  • It also serve as immune boaster.
  • Its very efficient in the reduction of high blood pressure
  • Very rich in nutrient content.
  • Since it contains Vitamin C, golden melon helps in the production of white blood cells
  • Its promotes healthy and smoothening skin.
  • It can be use for the treatment of diabetes.

Treatment of Cancer Using Golden Melon Fruit

Cancer is describe as a diseases which takes place as a result of uncontrol growth and irregular cell division. The most types of cancer which is common among human race are: Skin cancer, the breast cancer, colon cancer, basal cell cancer, the lungs cancer, the prostrate cancer and most dagerously the brain cancer.

Some of these cancerous diseases can be prevented and totally avoided if this precious fruit is use a daily routine diet.

This fruit has a lot of benefits because of its composition and nutrient. As mention before, golden melon contains vital nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and many others which helps to build the immune system against any cancerous growth.

Also highly recommended for the treatment of cancer because of these mineral constituents.

Side Effects of Golden Melon

Golden-melon has very few disadvantages. Since its contain Vitamin C, recommended quantity should be taken daily. This means that large consumption of golden melon per time sholuld be discourage. This is to give room for body for proper utilisation and absorption.

Finally, in this blog post , we have been able explain the health benefits of golden melon and recommend it for homes. When using this for the treatment of cancer, the patient should be monitored under the care of a certified specialised medical doctor.

The planting of this fruit should therefore be encourage by government at all levels.

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