How Long Do Mushrooms Stay In Your System?

Understanding how long do mushrooms stay in your system will create awarenesses of its full and maximum utilisation.

A mushroom or toadstool are edible types of fungus mostly characterized with an umbrella or fan like structure with fleshy, spore bearing fruits which usually tends to grow above the ground (epigenous), below the ground (hypogenous), on soil ,on moist environments, or on its own food source where it could be picked by hands.

However, not all mushroom are worthy for consumption as it can be toxic to human health.
Edibility could be referred to a characteristics which may include an absence of toxic or poisonous effects on human health, desired taste and good aroma.

Edible mushroom are consumed based on their nutritional and culinary contents.
Edible mushrooms may include many species of fungi which could be cultivated or harvested in a wild forest .

Cultivated and wild mushroom are often found in markets places, shops outlet, while those which can’t easily be cultivated are collected on smaller scale by private or commercial farmers.

Though, some preparations may help reduce some toxic supplements in order to be consumed by humans. Before, assuming any wild mushroom should be consume, it should be identified first.

Accurate identification and proper determination of a particular species of mushroom is the safest way of assuming mushroom edibility and this will safe guard against possible toxic effects.

Nutritional Health Benefits Of Mushroom

Mushrooms are generally known for its amazing taste, aroma and unexceptional health values. Mushroom contains vital, essential vitamins and minerals, which can add to make additional values to your diets.

Excellent source of zinc: Mushroom helps to provide the body with zinc which is an essential trace element for the body. Vitamins such as zinc helps in defending the body and it’s also necessary for an optimal growth in infants, toddlers and children.

Effects on blood pressure: Availability of potassium in mushroom, a nutrient known for reducing the negative effect of sodium in human body system. Potassium also reduces the pressure in blood vessels, therefore reduces blood pressure in persons.

Boosting of human immune system: Research has shown that mushroom aids in the stimulation of macrophages which is found in the human immune system, furthermore, its ability to defend the body against foreign bodies and making it less prone to serious diseases and illnesses.

Source of vitamin D: Mushroom are loaded with vitamin D which helps in bone formation. Mushroom are rich sources of Magnesium, thiamine, copper, selenium and phosphorus.

Better mood: Some mushrooms are even known for raising serotonin levels. Thus, for instance, amanita muscaria gummies can help to improve your mood and fix your sleep schedule.

How Long Do Mushrooms Stay In Your System?

The psychedelic compound found in mushroom is psilocybin. The effect of psilocybin could make mushroom stay up in your system up to 15hours after consumptions.

However, there are other factors which could affect how long mushroom would stay up in your body which include the species of mushroom consumed by an individual, age and body varieties of a person.

These factors also affects how long mushrooms could be detected by a drug test.

How Long Does It Take To Detect Mushroom In a Drug Test?

Unfortunately, it’s more difficult to give an exact answer to this tagged question because there are so many varieties of drug test, which literally means some work more sensitive than the other.

Most drug test finds it difficult to detect mushrooms, though, it varies from one person to another.

Most common drug tests are the urine tests. Most human system tends to eliminate mushroom within 24 hours. Research also shows that detection could be found in a urine for a week in some persons.

Furthermore, mushroom doesn’t show on most routine drug screen. Metabolism acts faster on mushroom for it to show up easily in saliva or blood test (only if it’s done few hours after consumption).

Hair follicle test could detects mushrooms for up to 3 weeks, but this type of test is not common due to it’s cost implication.

Factors Affecting Mushroom Drug Test Detection

Time of indigestion and testing: Hallucinogens substances such as psilocybin are quickly eliminated in the body. The range of time at which it was consumed and tested could be a factor. The sooner a drug test is carried out after taking mushroom, the higher the chances of being detected.

Species of mushroom: There are so many species of mushroom. Research has shown that there about 75 to 200 varieties. Psilocybin content varies in each species of mushroom. The more psilocybin in the mushroom, the longer it tends to stay in the body.

Body composition: Everybody builds are different. No two body would digest food at the same time schedule. Factors such as body mass index (BMI), water contents, metabolism affects how quickly mushroom could be excreted in your body.

Age: Age could also be a major factor affecting mushroom drug test detection .Your metabolism, liver and kidney function slow with age, which could affect the excretion of psilocybin from your body.Other factors includes: Dosage, method of consumption, belly contents, combination with other substances.

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