5 Ways of How to flush Topamax Out Of Your System

Considering the sides effects of topamax, people who take it always wish to flush it out of the system as soon as possible. This article seeks to explain the 5 ways of how to flush Topamax out of your system. Topamax is a medication also called topamirate as it generic name. Topamax is a medication used in treating epilepsy. It is used in treating epileptic seizure and closure.

Apart from stopping epileptic seizure and closure, Topamax can be used to stop nerves pain, bipolar disorder, alcohol addiction. Irrespective of the uses of topamax to the body, it also has some negative effects and they include; hair loss, stomach pains, loss of appetite, thinking problem and lots more.

Effects of Topamax

The following are the effects of Topamax on a person:
• Dizziness and weakness: One of the common effect of Topamax is dizziness and weakness. Topamax can cause a person to feel very dizzy, weak, tired, nervous, clumsy, and feeling unsteady.

• Loss of Appetite: Another effect of Topamax is loss of appetite. This effect is not rare but rather, this effect is very common.

Topamax can someone loss his or her appetite for food and even when the appetite is there he or she won’t get the real taste of the food. It can cause the food to be tasteless or even taste sour in the persons mouth.


• Stomach Pain: Another common effect of Topamax is that it causes stomach ache and pains. Topamax can result to a serious stomach pain on someone and it can also leads to weight loss.

• Thinking Problem: Another serious common effect of weight loss is that it can lead to thinking problem. Topamax can make someone to think stray, not to concentrate and it also makes someone to loose focus.

• Numbness: Numbness and lack of sensation is another effect of Topamax. As the result of the effect of Topamax, a person may find it hard or even unable to feel anything or sensation on a particular part of the body especially the feet and limbs.

• Hearing Problem: Hearing problem is one of the effect of topamax but it is a rare effect. Topamax can cause someone to have hearing such as buzzing , rigging and decreased hearing.

• Eye Problem: Eye problems can also be caused as a result of the effect of topamax. Serious eye problems like blurred vision and too much pressure on the eyes and even permanent vision loss can result from topamax.

How to Flush Topamax Out Of Your System

Topamax can be flushed out of the body using the following strategies below:

1. Firstly, discuss with your doctor: When considering to flush out topamax out of your body, the first thing to be done is to meet with your doctor.

You can not just wake up and decide to stop taking topamax because you want to flush out topamax of your body. If you stop it immediately, it can cause other conditions to become worse.

The best thing to do is to discuss with your doctor and he will help reduce the dosage of the drugs to be decreased gradually and this will help your body to shed of the toxins that it had accumulated over sometime.

2. Eat good Nutrients: another way that can someone can flush out topamax from their body is by taking good nutrients. Good nutrients can help to flush out topamax from someone’s body.

The person must learn to do away with food that contains too much sugar which will hinder it’s body from healing fast, the person must also do away with canned food, food that that contains high preservatives, he must also learn to eat more of vegetables and also take natural fruit drinks.

3. Learn to rehydrate your body: Another way of flushing out topamax out of your body is by rehydrating your body. Water the say is good for the body as it helps to wash toxins out of the body.

It’s is needful for a person to stay hydrated when considering flushing out topamax out of the body. Taking atleast 8-10 glasses of water daily will help you flush out topamax of your body as this will help your body to pass out toxins and other unneeded substances in your body through urine or sweat.

4. Get more sleep than before: Getting more sleep is another strategy that can help someone flush out topamax from his or her body. When a person gets more sleep, it relieves the person of stress and help in the healing process.

5. Abstain from smoking cigarettes and other hard drugs: In order to flush out topamax out your body, it is necessary that you abstain from smoking cigarettes and other hard drugs and also you must do away with coffee.

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