How to Know if Police are investigating you for Drugs

How to know if Police are investigating you for drugs such as cocaine is a question most people who deal on drugs worry about a lot.

Possession of drugs such as opiates, cocaine, marijuana, and other hard drugs, either for personal use or for sale, is against the law, except when you are under a doctors prescription, but when you are discovered to be unlawfully using drugs, the sentence includes incarceration, seizure of property among others. If you have any suspicion that you are being investigated by the police, be sure to talk to a lawyer about it, so you will know the right course of action.

Signs that could help you to know if Police are investigating you for drugs.

Secret Investigation: Certain times, the police will have a trail on you, but not enough evidence to push forward for a case, so they decide to run a “secret” investigation, gathering information from different sources so they can build up a case.

Evidential Investigation: A serious investigation would require tangible evidence that you were in possession of drugs with intent to use or transfer to another person. The evidence could be a video of you making a drug deal, information from sources, a result from a search, or even your statement to the police.

Through Whistleblowers: Information on drug possession is based on information gotten from street-level drug dealers, crack-house, and other high-level drug dealers. These are generally called ‘Whistleblowers’.

Drug Enforcement Agency Investigation

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), uses three types of drug investigation techniques; tactical investigation, investigative intelligence, and strategic intelligence.

Tactical investigations are information gathered that can warrant an arrest and seizure of property.

Investigative intelligence is evidence that will be used during prosecution.

Strategic intelligence helps to establish policies that will be effective towards allocating resources that will be used to fight drug abuse menace.

How to Know if Police are Investigating you for Drugs

If you are subject to police investigations, you should be paid a visit or taken in for questioning, however, in a case where none is done, how to know if police are investigating you for drugs?

  • You may notice a particular car frequently parked outside your house or trailing you around.
  • You may be told by your friends or neighbours about someone who comes around your property and asks questions.
  • You may receive odd phone calls from strange numbers.
  • You may discover that your phone has been bugged. Be extremely careful of what you post or say online.

In any of these cases, talk to a lawyer. It is better to have a lawyer in handy, so when eventually you are called up for questioning, you can ask for your lawyer’s presence. Your lawyer will advise you on how to go about your activities so you don’t give the police a case to build. 


A drug investigation agency must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you conspired or committed a drug offense. 

Chances are high that you are a target of an investigation when the police pays you a visit, asking questions about your activities or when you begin to notice the signs written in this article, it is wise to get legal advice when such happens.

This is because once you are a target of an investigation, the police are very likely to twist whatever you say to suit their investigation, to make you look guilty.

For instance, when Tony was asked what he was doing with some opioids, he claimed he took them based on his doctor’s prescription, he was asked to present them with evidence, he wasn’t with it, so they began to make a fuss. In the process, one of the officers said “You are doing drugs”. This pissed Tony off and in shock, he asked, ” I do drugs?” but in the statement, it was reported that Tony had said, “I do drugs”.

Do not fall for the police tactics when they try to make you offers like being released or having a reduced sentence when you talk. You cannot talk your way out of drug charges. The less you talk, the better. Let your lawyer do the talking, he is there to represent you and understands how the police works.

How to know if Police are investigating you for drugs

The moment you notice you are a target of an investigation, ask to speak with your lawyer, as it is in your rights. They might make it difficult for you, but keep insisting to talk to your lawyer.

Your lawyer will help see that you get a just treatment during the time of the investigation and also that you act right. If you listen to him, they will likely stop all investigations.

So let your lawyer take charge and do the talking to avoid any hassle and that your rights are protected and all charges against you dropped.

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