How to Pass a Drug Test for Meth

How to pass a drug test for meth is what we shall be considering in this blog post. Meth can also be called methaphetamine or crystal meth. Meth refers to stimulant that affects the body’s central nervous system. It is highly powerful and addictive.

Meth is not legally approved for use but in some cases, it can be prescribed by a doctor to a patient to help them solve some health challenges. Meth comes in the form of shiny blue white rocks.


Meth or methaphetamine can be taken into the body through the following ways:

Smoking: Smoking is one of the ways that one can take meth into his/her body. Meth is usually smoked.

Injected into the veins: Meth can also taken into the body through injecting it into veins.

Swallowing: Just as other normal drugs are usually swallowed, meth can be taken into the body through swallowing the shiny blue white rocks using water.


Studies have confirm why many people results to the use of meth. Methaphetamine provides an unusual feeling that is highly exceptional. This feelings include:

Sexual arousal: sexual arousal is one of the reasons why people use meth. They claim that anytime they take meth either through swallowing, smoking, or injection, that it makes them feel sexually aroused.

Increased sociability: another reason why people do use meth is he feeling of increased sociability. People confirmed that after taking meth, their sociability level increases, that is, they don’t feel timid or shy at that period that the drugs is still active in them and thus their level of association increases with anybody and perform very well in stage without being shy or timid.

Fatigue reduction: meth is also used by people because it makes them feel relieved of stress and fatigue.

Feeling of euphoria: Euphoria is the state happiness and joy. Meth is also used by people because of the happiness and joy they feel after taking the drugs.

Loss of inhibition: inhibition is the state of being fearful and embarrassed and acting in a natural way. Meth is used because it reduces inhibition in people and make them act without fear or being embarrassed.


In as much as people like the feeling they derived from using meth, the fact still remains that meth is highly addictive and can cause serious health threatening problems. They following are the side effects of meth:

  • Mental problem: one of the side effects of meth in the body is that it can mental problems to the person. Meth can damage ones brain thereby causing the person to have serious mental issues.
  • Dental problem: dental problem is another major side effect for meth. Meth cause a severe dental problems to a person’s teeth and gum. It can help in destroying teeth’s cavity.
  • High blood pressure: Meth can help instigate the symptoms of high blood pressure. Apart from high blood presure, meth can cause serious problem to the lungs including lung cancer.
  • Bad breath: Meth can also cause a person to have a bad breath which automatically lead to mouth odour. This can be very disgusting and highly embarrassing.
  • Mood disturbances: Meth is similar to cocaine. Meth can cause someone to have mood disturbances or mood swing. This makes one to have emotional instability. One can easily swings mood from happines to sadness and vice versa due to meth intake.
  • Stroke: Stroke is also a side effect caused by meth. Meth can lead to stroke as a result of abnormal blood pressure.Heart problems: meth can lead to serious heart complicated health issues in a person. Meth can cause rapid or irregular heartbeat, it can also lead to chest pain or cardiac heart arrest which can lead to the sudden death of a person.


There are so many ways that meth can be detected in a drug test. These include:

1. Urine Test: Urine test can be used to detect meth after 3 full days or seventy-two (72) hours after the last dosage.

2. Hair Test: Another way meth can be detected in a drug test is through hair test. Hair test can be used to detect meth after 90 days after the last usage. The level of detection also depends on the type of hair.

3. Blood and oral fluid testing: Blood and oral fluid testing can be used to detect meth in drug test.

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