Itchy Gums: Symptoms, Causes & Prevention

Itchy gums can be a sign of a gum diseases, caused by plaque buildup in the gums and teeth. Gums just like the magnet, the tooth is hold in place by a force called Gum. Gums are tissues surrounding the teeth, and providing a seal round them. Gums help to hold the teeth in position.

Gums, are one of the most important tissues of the mouth, they help to know the health state of the mouth. The most problem people encounter in the mouth, is the itching of the gums. This itching had rapidly grown among the adults and the children.

What is itchy gum? 

Itchy gum is a discomfort in the mouth which is being identified with gingivitis, a disease that is responsible for inflammation of the gums, and periodontal, a disease that affect the structure surrounding the teeth. The two disease of the gum mentioned above are associated with itching of the gum.

What are the possible symptoms of an itchy gum?

 Itchy of the gum can be associated with many causes, those causes are discussed below;

  • Lightly bleeding of the gums for a short period, is one of the most critical symptoms of the teeth. In this case, a dentist is needed, because regular bleeding may be associated with other disease.
  • When you start noticing that your gums was becoming red, inflame and irritating, I strongly advise you to visit your doctor, as it is a sign of gum itchy.
  • Of course an itchy gum will surely produce pain and swelling which is a good sign of knowing, a gum Itchy is about to strike.

Possible Causes Of Itchy Gums

Itchy gums can be caused by different ways or activities. Let consider some of this causes of an itchy gum 

1. Injury to the gum: An injured gum can develop pain, itching and discomfort. The injury may be caused by one daily activities, e.g. an injury sustained during sport activities.

2. Food Particles: Mucus and particles of the food can build up in between the teeth which may cause itching and pain in the gums 

3. Gum Inflame: Gingivitis also known as gum inflame, is a disease of the gum. This is caused as a result of build up plaque. Gingivitis is one of  the possible causes of itchy gum. 

4. Hormonal changes: During some stages a being experience hormonal changes, which is one of the causes of itching in the gum. For instance, pregnant woman may experience itchy gums frequently, also during menstruation or menopause itchy gums are experience frequently.

Teething during wisdom teeth The age of 17-21 is said to be the age when the wisdom teeth usually come through, teething In between this period causes itching of the gum.

5. Hygiene: Many teeth are left uncleaned, poor dental hygiene often result in itching of the gum. In a situation where gums are not kept clean frequently, it causes plaque to build up resulting to gum itchy.

6. Dry Mouth: A dry mouth can result to itching. Enough saliva is being produce by the saliva gland to keep the mouth wet, but some medical condition or food prevent this and causes dryness. Drinking enough water should be considered to prevent itchy gum.

CureI understand the discomfort and pain your itchy gum is giving you, here are some possible ways of curing an itchy gum:+ Hygiene Proper dental hygiene, e.g. brushing of the teeth is an important condition you must put into practice in other to eliminate an itchy gum. 


Dentist prescribes the washing of the teeth twice a day. Quitting Smoking Smokers are eligible to die young, that a popular saying. But do you know that itchy gum is another adverse effect of smoking.

Quitting smoking may be a good step in curing itchy gums, as smoking tends to increase itching and pains in the gum. 

Sugar Food Sugar food aid bacterial activities on the gum, causing gum itching. Quitting sugary food will reduce itching of the gums.

Ways of Preventing Itchy Gums

Prevention is better than cure that a popular saying. Preventing something from happens, is better than looking for a remedy after the incident had happened. You can prevent gum itchy by taking note of the following : 

  • Keeping the teeth and the gums clean every day. This is the most efficient ways to prevent Itchy gums.
  • Rinsing your teeth after each meal cut down the activities of bacteria and its growth, preventing itchy gums.
  • Avoiding sugary and acidic food.
  • Brush and wash your mouth at least, twice a day.
  • Visit your doctor when necessary.
  • Proper check up of the teeth every day.

Note: Itchy gums are mostly a good early warning of a potential problem, this includes gum disease. New medication and hormonal changes causes itchy gums. In view of this, the itching may be temporary or simple to treat alone. However, nothing the condition necessary for your itching will help to find the proper treatment to cure the itchy gums. Some natural fluoride free toothpaste can help you fight itchy gums.

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