Levofem: Usage, Dosage & Side Effects

Levofem is a viable, protected, low-portion oral prophylactic pill that is taken day by day to forestall pregnancy. The significance of contraceptives ought not be belittled.


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What is Levofem Used for?

Oral prophylactic pills like levofem are profoundly powerful techniques for contraception when taken accurately simultaneously day by day. As indicated by the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, just 0.1% of ladies can encounter an undesirable pregnancy while on a preventative pill, notwithstanding, pregnancy rates increment significantly at paces of 30-80 times when a lady misses or doesn’t take contraceptives. 

Levofem contains two chemicals, Levonorgestrel which is a lestrogen and Ethinyleestradiol which is a kind of estrogen . These chemicals assist with stifling ovulation by meddling in the typical monthly cycle of the receipient.

Levofem Side Effects

There are 28 tablets in a solitary bundle of levofem, 21 of these tablets contain chemicals and are known as the dynamic pills while the excess seven tablets contain Iron for blood building. The twenty dynamic pills are to forestall pregnancy while the seven pills help you count when to begin another pack and furthermore assisting with forestalling iron deficiency during your feminine period. 

Ladies who use Levofem presently don’t need to stress over accidental pregnancy. Since it has exceptionally low portion of these chemicals, Levofem has negligible incidental effects. It is additionally totally reversible since it leaves the body rapidly when you quit utilizing it, so you can get pregnant right away. Some incidental effects incorporate, queasiness, 
intermenstrual spotting, 
bosom delicacy, 
cerebral pains, 
Weight gain, 
Temperament changes, 
Diminished moxie, 
Vaginal release, 
Visual changes with contact focal points, 
Missed periods. 

Levofem enjoys the additional benefit of making vaginal liquid thicker to assist with inhibitting sperm from arriving at an egg (this interaction is known as fertilization) and changes the coating of the uterus to forestall connection of a treated egg. 
Likewise on most events levofem can make your periods more normal, decline blood misfortune and difficult periods, decline your danger of ovarian pimples, and furthermore treat skin break out. In any case, understand that this drug doesn’t protect you or your partner against physically sent infections like HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia. 

How to Use Levofem

Peruse the Patient Information Leaflet given by your drug specialist and doctor before you begin utilizing this item . The pamphlet contains fundamental data on when to take your pills and what to do in the event that you miss a portion. On the off chance that you have any inquiries consistently guarantee to pose to your PCP or pharmacist. 

Take this prescription by mouth, orally, as coordinated by your primary care physician, typically once per day. Pick a period of the day that is the most convenient for you and take your pill at that equivalent time every day. 
It is vital for keep taking this medicine precisely as recommended by your primary care physician. Adhere to the packet directions to track down the main tablet, start with the principal tablet in the pack, and take them aligned correctly. Try not to avoid any portions. Pregnancy is more probable on the off chance that you miss pills, start another pack late, or take your pill at an alternate time than expected. 

Other Things to Note Before Using Levofem

Taking this medication after your supper or at your sleep time might help on the off chance that you generally get stomach upset or nausea when taking the prescription. You might decide to take this medicine at some other point of day that is convenient for you to remember. Regardless of the dose plan you use, it is vital that you take this drug simultaneously every day, 24 hours separated. 

How to Take Levofem

Your Levofem pack contains 28 pills with active pills. Take one active pill once day by day for 28 days straight and afterward when you’re finished taking the last tablet in your old pack, start another pack the next day. There is no break among packs, and there are no “reminder” (tablets without medication). Most ladies don’t have regular periods while taking this drug. You might have some bleeding or spotting. In the event that this occurs, don’t quit taking your pills. 

In case this is the first time are utilizing this contraceptive, and you are not changing from another type of hormonal anti-conception medication strategy like the patch or other contraceptives, take the main tablet in the pack on the first day of your period. On the off chance that your doctor guides you to begin this prescription on some other day, utilize an additional type of non-hormonal contraception, for example, condoms for the initial seven days to forestall pregnancy until this medicine has sufficient opportunity to begin acting. However on the off chance that you start on the first day of your period, you don’t have to utilize any back up anti-conception medication for the first week. 

Ask your primary care physician or drug specialist for data regarding how to change from different types of hormonal conception prevention like the patch or other contraceptives, to this item. In the event that any data is misunderstood, counsel the Patient Information Leaflet or your primary care physician or drug specialist.

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