Low Cheekbones: All You Need To Know

Low cheekbones otherwise called the malar bones are found close to the bootm of the nose. If you stand in front of a clean mirror without makeup on your face, place your thumb finger on your tragus ( the bone-like structure also called cartilage over your ear ).

Now place your index finger or any of your other finger on your nose. Try to connect your thumb and index finger or any other one by slowly drawing them together over your face till you connect both of them. While you are trying to connect the two fingers, you may feel a bone along that area, that is your cheekbone.

Cheekbones are the bony structure of your face, it is found under your skin. These cheekbones are the malar bone in your face and the scientific term for cheekbones is zygomatic bone. They are used for chewing food, speaking and making facial expressions. Your cheekbones determine how face is structured and framed.


Low cheekbones
Low Cheekbones

There are many types of cheekbones which include :

(1) High Cheekbones

People with high cheekbones have it directly underneath their eyes, close to the bridge of their nose. High cheekbones are located close to the eye sockets which makes the cheeks to dip in slightly beneath the bone. People who have high cheekbones are considered to be attractive and elegant. In fact, actresses like Angelina Jolie with high cheekbones are seen as beautiful. The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology says most attractive people have high cheekbones.

(2) Prominent Cheekbones

Prominent cheekbones are like high cheekbones but more pronounced. They are perfectly defined and precisely located on the face. There is a myth that people who have prominent cheekbones are noble and with leadership qualities cause of how perfect their facial structure is.

(3) Sunken or flat cheekbones

When you have sucken or flat cheekbones, this means that you do not have a lot of flesh between your zygoma ( the bone under the eye ) and your mandible ( lower jaw). Having this kind of cheekbones is like not having cheekbones at all. This can be caused by a number of factors like aging, sickness or poor diets.

(4) Protruding cheekbones

 Protruding cheekbones look like they are protuding out of the face. They are more pronounced. Myths suggest that people who have this kind of cheekbones are said to be domineering, skilled and tactical.

(5) Uneven cheekbones

When cheekbones are not even, maybe one is high and the other low, or one cheekbone is flat and the other is protuding gives rise to uneven cheekbone

Low cheekbones

While touching your face, you may notice your cheekbones are at the bottom of your nose, this is called low cheekbones. People with this kind of cheekbones tend to have the wider part of their face lower and in the same line with the bottom of their nostrils. They are considered less attractive and less trustworthy but these are myths and have no backings or claims to support them.
How to change your cheekbones
You may have a low cheekbones and want to make your cheekbones higher or more pronounced than it is. There are few ways you can do that, they include :

 (1) Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are substances that are injected into the body to cause modifications on the skin especially around the face. They are filled out hyaluronic acid that helps to clear wrinkles, blemishes, scars and also change how your skin looks.

Common dermal fillers brands are juvederm, restylane and others.People who want pronounced cheekbones can inject any of these dermal fillers into your face, precisely the cheekbones area and they cause temporary effects that can last up to three months.

(2) Cheek implants

Also known as cheek lifts, this is a surgical procedure for altering the shape of your face permanently, it is done by a plastic surgeon. Small incisions or cuts are made on the sides of the mouth and cheekbones are inserted, these cheekbones are made of solid silicone. The surgery’s results can last throughout a lifetime but there may be side effects like pain, discomfort, swollen face and a long recovery process after the procedure

(3) Exercises

There are some exercises that will help lift your cheekbones, some of them are:

* Balloon face : This involves you taking in enough air into your mouth that your mouth gets filled up. You shift the air from one cheek to another making sure that walls in your mouth are pushed by this air, after which you let out the air. This can be done as many times as you can do.

* Fish face : You have to suck in your cheeks and make your face look like a fish’s. You low this position to be for ten seconds and you release your cheeks. After doing this for like 4 or 5 times, you will feel the tension on your cheeks.

* O-X face : For this exercise, you round your lips to make it look like an “O” and make your lips to become as wide as possible. You have to do this repeatedly while contracting and retracting so that your muscles will stretch.
*Makeup: For someone who does not want to undergo the stress of exercises or go through the pain of a surgery, you can use makeup to modify how your cheekbones look. This can be done using a contour, bronze and highlighter to achieve this. There are many videos on YouTube that can actually help you with this look.


Do not mind the misconceptions about low cheekbones making one to look less attractive. You can be beautiful, attractive,and intelligent even with your low cheekbones or any other. 
If you really want to modify your looks or lift up these cheekbones, you can choose any of the methods we have listed.

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