Microblading Before And After

Microblading is a trend that is fast becoming popular among women including men. The idea of drawing brows every time for make-up is tiresome for some people; others may want the procedure done to replace their loss of brows due to certain health or skin conditions they have, hence we will look at the benefit of microblading before and after. Microblading involves using a tool to make tiny cuts on the skin surface (on the brows), pigments that look like hair are inserted into the skin through these cuts giving the brows a look of full hair.

This procedure is semi permanent, meaning that it can last for a long time maybe 2 years or even 3. It will take days to heal after which you can comfortably rock your perfect eyebrows.


There are so many celebrities that got their eyebrows microbladed, this may be the reason why it became popular. These celebrities had uneven eyebrows or even hairless brows so they went through the procedure to fix and perfect their look. Some of these celebrities are:

1. Madonna: Due to age and constant over-plucking of the hairs on her brows, Madonna lost some hairs on her eyebrows. Using microblading, she was able to refill the gaps and create a whole new beautiful look for her eyebrows.

2. Serena Williams: The famous tennis player went through microblading for her eyebrows in order to give her face a flawless look. She wants to look beautiful even in court and she is.

3. Oprah: Oprah was not born with those semi permanent brows she has now. She uses the services of Anastasia Soare (of Anastasia Beverly Hills) for years and her eyebrows are perfect and even.

4. Megan Fox: Megan Fox, a wonderful actress who started acting as early as 2001 has microblading eyebrows which accentuate her looks. 

5. Sydney Leroux: She is an Olympic medalist who had a microblading procedure because she does not have all the time for drawing brows and makeup.

6. Rihanna: Rihanna sure had good and stunning look but she got the microblading eyebrows to add more texture to her brows.

7. Michelle Obama: Michelle Obama has fashion sense and elegance. She got microblading eyebrows and hers is among the finest brows.

8. Jennifer Lopez: Jennifer has been a fashion and beautiful artist. She had microblading eyebrows to add to her natural look.

9. Nicolas Cage: Nicolas is one of the male celebrities that had microblading eyebrows. He made his look better through this procedure and added more beauty to his features.

10. Kim Kardashian: Do you think that it possible to mention celebrities that have microblading eyebrows without mentioning Kim Kardashian? She is a beautiful lady that had gone through many procedures to enhance her beauty.



The eyebrows have a texture and look that is different from microblading eyebrows. Before the microblading procedure, the brows may have a horizontal line and is flat. They can also be:

  • Naturally curved like the eyes and do not arch upwards.
  • Straight
  • Highly arched
  • Long or short
  • Thin with little hair
  • Bald with patches

During the microblading

To correct the issues with the eyebrows, microblading can be done. The client must choose the color and type of eyebrows needed although certain factors like facial features, shape of the face will be taken into consideration. The first step for the artist is to clean the brows and prepare it for the process. After that, a numbing ointment is applied on the brows to reduce the pain you feel while the cuts are made on the face. 

The artist uses tools to measure the brows, he does this while considering the shape of the face and the facial features of the client. The measurements are done to prevent uneven eyebrows. After measurement, the real process starts. The pigments are inserted through a stroke, the strokes are the lines on the skin from where the pigments enters the skin.

The pigments are left on the brows for 5 minutes and the area is cleaned. The whole process is not painful, all thanks to the numbing ointment used before the needling process. The entire process including the time you wait for the ointment to start working may be up to 2 hours, it may be lesser.

After the microblading

You have gone through the microblading procedure and your healing as well. If your artist is skilled and you followed the instructions given to you, your brows will turn out well. Not only will you notice but anyone who looks at your face will see that your brows are finely shaped, even and beautiful. Your facial features will improve as well. Microblading can help accentuate your natural looks even without wearing make-up. 


This is your healing period, you need all the patience and carefulness to make it through this stage. Patience and carefulness are needed because you may damage your brows.  The first few days will have your brows looking tender, red and swollen, you can also experience mild pain and bleeding. As the days go by, you will notice your brows becoming thick and dense while the redness, tenderness and swelling will subside. 

Next is the scabbing, do not worry because your skin is just trying to heal itself of the cuts made during the procedure. The brows will also become itchy, you should never scratch to avoid pulling out some pigments. Endure the itching feeling, it will stop after some days. Your scabs will start to flake off, little pigments will fall off as well, there will still be readjustment later.

Some days after your flaking stops, you will get to the final recovery time. There are some things you should not do to help with your healing process and also to make your eyebrows turn out well. These things are:

  • Avoid exposing your brows to sunlight.
  • Stay away from swimming, saunas or having long steamy baths
  • Do not use harsh products or acids on your brows
  • Avoid make up till your brows have completely healed
  • Do not pick your brows
  • Stay away from exercises for at least 10 days.


Not all microblading eyebrows come out beautiful, some may look uneven, thick and may not improve the look of the face. Before the procedure, you may have neatly arched brows but no hair or patches on the brows, so your aim of getting microblading will be to make the brows fuller. The results after the procedure may even be worse than it was before you had the microblading eyebrows.

This may because because of factors like your choice of artist. If your artist is not skilled, your brows will not look beautiful. The most important thing to do is to get an experienced and skilled artist to do the microblading. It is better you spend money and get a beautiful look than to pay lesser money and get unsatisfied results. You will still have to spend lots of money to refit the brows.


Before getting microblading, there are some things you should know such as the following:

i. How long your microblading eyebrows last depends on your skin type: Microblading can be done by anyone but it may not really last for some skin type especially oily skin. This is because the sebum will produce more oil that will push out the pigments faster than a normal skin would. That is why this post microblading before and after is recommended for all.

ii. You will feel mild pain: Numbing ointment will be applied on the eyebrows before the cuts are made but you will still feel pain after the effects of the cream has worn off. If anyone tells you there is zero pain, it may not be true because a tool will be used to make cuts on the skin surface, you can compare the pain you feel as that of cat scratches.

iii. Your brows will get darker and thicker after few days: Do not expect your brows to have the perfect shape after the microblading. At some point during the healing period, your brows will become darker, some people claim they feel their artist had done a bad job or that they wasted their money on microblading. The darkening is normal and should be expected.

iv. You are not to wet your brows for 7 to 10 days after microblading: You will have to look for a means of bathing without pouring water on your brows. This is during your healing process and you will feel like using wet cloth to clean the scabs when they come. You should not do any of these, make sure your brows are dry.

v. Microblading is temporary: There is a reason why they are called semi permanent, this is because they last for a little long time but not long enough to be called permanent. Typical microblading lasts 1-2 years but you should often go for touch-ups to keep them fresh and beautiful. With good touch-ups, they can last for even a year.


Microblading before and After is a beautiful way of reducing the time you spend making up or how often you wear makeup. They are semi permanent and may last between 1 to 2 years although they can last longer than this with appropriate care and touch-ups. Use the services of a skilled artist so that your eyebrows will look perfect when you have fully healed. 

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