Moaning Noises

Moaning noises is used  to describe sounds made before or during any sexual activity. Apart from the verbal interaction we have everyday either to express our thoughts, emotions or attitudes, we also have another means of communication.

This particular way of communicating can also be used to either convey our emotions or attitude to the other party. It’s relative structure makes this method of communication have a deep biological root which suggest that it predates language has it shows slight similarities among species. 

But a crucial task is layed to understand this way of interaction. In our everyday interactions which like the verbal words are used to express a wide range of easily recognisable emotions and attitudes. In turn learning more about human nonverbal languages is important because the sound that humans make convey emottions, clearer and faster. This vocalization has played a crucial role that decodes vocal sound for human survival.

Meaning of Moaning Noises

Moaning Noises
Moaning noises

A moan noise can be  regarded has a low but prolonged sound that a person can use to express any feeling of physical or mental pain. Moaning noises can also used  to describe sounds made before or during any sexual activity such as foreplay, masturbating, etc.

Moaning noises is a form of non verbal communication that has been used to communicate the feelings of pain or pleasure especially when a person is in pains or been sexually pleasured. 

Moaning noises can as well sound disheartening to the ears especialy in cases when a person is been either in a mental or physical pain due to the discomfort they feel either in their mind or body and at the same time become pleasing especially when a person is sexually active.

His or her partner may find that soft low groan thrilling and that’s what makes the partner feels good and provide impression of maximum efficiency

. Moaning noises can also be used as a form of complaint in cases where one is dissatisfied at the work load that is been assigned.

Moaning Noise As An Inarticulate Sound

Unlike articulate sounds that are easily understood and can be heared clearly, as its a way for human speech to  be produced, inarticulate sounds like a grunt, cry, scream, moan are not easily understood as they have no clear meaning. But the somehow pass a clear message to the other party about his or her emotions of feelings. 

Since moaning noises are inarticulated, for that reason, they’re not uttered using the normal words or syllables. Making the moan noise incomprehensible. Since moaning noises are inarticulate, they’re used to convey nonverbal information to the other person or group of  people they’re communicating with, especially when someone is in pain or is been sexually pleasured or even when a baby is tired during self-soothing.

Could A Moaning Noise Be A Health Issue (Involuntary Moaning)

Catathrenia otherwise called ‘Notural Groaning’ is a kind of sleeping disorder that happens when we are REM or in deep sleep. It usually happens unconsciously , beginning from low, sustained moaning sound which could last from few minutes in the case of REM to several hours in the case when one is deep asleep.

Note that this sleeping disorder is not associated with any discomfort or pleasure and can also cause discomfort to a sleeping partner. Catathrenia has no medical cause and is a relatively rare disorder that can be treated using surgery, oral appliance or a continous positive airway pressure. Some people do make a moaning type of sound while snoring. 

People living with fibromyalgia or other forms of chronic pain report that they’ll often moan and grimace during painful episodes. Researchers also suggest that surgical patients recovering from general anaesthesia will moan out in pains due to the after effects of the administered anathesia.

How Essential Is A Moan Noise 

Since a moaning noise is used to describe feelings of pain, discomfort and pleasure, it is very essential as it gives the other person a clear idea of how one is feeling and to what extent the discomfort is. Moaning noise is also seen had a form of endurance in cases where the pain is unbearable. The moaning noise could only be used to suppress screaming out loud. 

Although moaning noises may sound but it also shows a form of bravery especially to those who are experiencing severe pains which could either be emotional pains or physical pains. Moaning noises can be self-soothing as it relives pain or distress. It also provides an emotional release in cases where a person may have experienced an emotional set back. It also a form of distraction.


In conclusion, moaning noises are ways to express our feelings and emotions at a particular time which is basically depends on the type of situation a person is actually passing through. Moaning noises can also be used to decipher how much of an impact a person have felt owing to a tragic situation which could be emotional or any form of physical pain.

Non verbal communication is sometimes more effective than verbal speech. Like it’s said “action speaks more louder than words”. This saying is true of the moaning noise a person may make either when pleasured or in discomfort.  

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