Scarring From Circumcision

Scarring from circumcision!

Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin, which is the skin covering the tip of the penis. The method of removal is by surgery and it is done to boys. The procedure is mostly done when they are newborns or infants.  Circumcision is done to females too but this act is considered barbaric as there is no medical reason why it should be done. It is condemned and considered evil as the risks and disadvantages are too grievous.


For various health reasons, circumcision can be done as it has no effect on a man’s fertility. Some of the health benefits are:

(1) Easier Hygiene: Because the foreskin has been removed, it is easier for the penis to be washed. Dirts might hide under the foreskin and introduce germs to the body. Uncircumcised boys should be taught to properly wash their penises while paying close attention to the foreskin.

(2) To prevent penile problems: Overtime, the foreskin can be difficult to pull back for reasons like washing. This can obstruct blood from flowing around the penis thereby enhancing unhealthy, morbid tissues to grow.

(3) Reduce risk of urinary tract diseases or infections: Men who are circumcised can have urinary tract infection but the chances are low. Uncircumcised men are susceptible to these infection and they can lead to kidney problems.

(4) Decreased risk of sexually transmitted diseases: Uncircumcised men have a higher chance of contracting sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis. Even if you are circumcised, be sure to practice safe sex.

(5) Reduce risk of cancer: Penile cancer is more common in uncircumcised men.
There is no medical reason for circumcision in healthy babies. But there are other reasons why parents want their newborn boys to be circumcised. 


Scarring From Circumcision

(1)For religious and cultural reasons

 Some religions consider circumcision a ritual for all it’s men. This is common to the christians and jewish. Most cultures have days after the birth of a male child. 

(2)For aesthetic purposes

Many people are of the opinion that circumcision makes the penis more beautiful and nicely. They say removal of the foreskin gives the penis a distinctive shape.

(3)Reduces Promiscuity in men

There is a cultural belief that circumcision helps to reduce promiscuity in men. There is no backing to this claim.


For newborns, circumcision is done within 10 days after birth. For adult and older boys, it is done using the same procedure as that of a newborn surgery but anaesthesia is administered to reduce the pain. It is advice that the surgery be done in a hospital by doctors especially pediatricians and obstetricians to avoid accidents.


While researching on the topic “Scarring from circumcision” , It is good to mention that there are many techniques that can be used to perform circumcision surgical operation. The doctor can use an instrument to pull the foreskin away from the penis while using a scalpel to remove it. 

Another method is to separate the foreskin from the glans, insert the foreskin inside a clamp and remove it with a scalpel. The clamp will cut off blood from getting to the skin.
The doctor can also place a plastic bell-like device between the foreskin and the glans while tying a plastic ring around the foreskin. The foreskin is removed using a scalpel but the plastic ring remind to help the skin reattach to the shaft. This ring help to stop blood from flowing to the foreskin before removal.

Because of how complex these processes are, it is best to use the services of a doctor to avoid situations like poor healing, much healing, excess pain or even accidents that might leave scars. 

Scarring is one of the problems associated with circumcision. It may occur when : 

(A) Some techniques are used: There are cases where stitches are used after circumcision. This happens when the doctor join the skin to the shaft. The area where the stitches run might leave scars. The scars might look rougher if they tear or open during the healing process.

(B) The surgeon is not an expert: It is common especially in Africa to see babies circumcised at home by older and matured women classified as experts. These women might perform the surgery leaving cuts which will later turn to scars. Also, doctors who are not specialized in these areas may also leave scars. This is the more reason why this post “Scarring from circumcision” is recommended for all.


After the circumcision, the penis will look bruised, swollen and red. It will take time for this redness and scars to away. The healing process takes time. This is what makes people to be scarred from circumcision.
As your skin is healing, you may feel the urge to scratch the scarred parts. Doing this will lead to other complications and your scar might not heal properly.


Because of the bruises and cut, bandage can be used to cover the penis. This is to prevent it from being infected. This bandage should be changed daily. For babies, the penis can be washed with warm water and soap while bathing him. Petroleum jelly can be rubbed on the penis skin to avoid friction  when they wear diapers.

Adults can also wash their penis with soap and water everyday to keep it clean and free from germs. They should also avoid sexual intercourse that involves touching or using the penis.


In this article, we discuss exhaustively on the title ‘Scarring from circumcision” under different sub-headings. Please note that to reduce the appearance of the scars or remove them after circumcision, you can use skin creams and oils like vitamin E cream and scar oils to gently massage the areas with scars. However, if you feel like your scar is having a toll on your self-esteem, you can speak to your doctor about getting a surgery to remove it. The surgery can leave another scar but it is less noticeable than the first one.

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