Mole On Penis: All You Need to Know

Mole on penis is defined as skin blemishes or nevus on the skin surface around the pen!s area. It can either be flat or it can be raised slightly on the skin surface. Apart from there, moles also appears in other part of the body such as the face, the neck and even on a person’s back.

Moles are non cancerous and they don’t tend to cause any health challenges but irrespective of this, most men feel very uncomfortable when the have moles on their pen!s.

Men tend to feel uncomfortable with moles on his pen!s, that’s their pride. It is that part of his body that gives him the confident as a man.

Moles are not harmful and can either be left treated or untreated depending on the person’s choice. Mole doesn’t rarely occur at birth, there are only few cases of mole occurring at birth. Mole mostly occurs as a person becomes older. The scientific name for mole is nevus.

Other people choose to define mole as the skin growth which comprise of a cluster of skin pigment cells. It is pertinent to note that although mole comes in different shape either it is flat or it is slightly raised, that is not all the skin growth on one’s pen!s that is a mole some are skin tag. It takes only a well learned dermatologist to know the difference.

Moles also comes in different colors such as blue, red, brown, black and pink depending on a person’s skin and the most frequent colors are black and brown.

Moles occurs on the part of the body that is exposed to sun like the face and the neck and it also appears on the part of the that is not exposed to sun such as pen!s. It is possible for a mole to appear like three to four places on a particular body. For example, the pen!s, a mole can appear on the groin of the pen!s, the scr¢tum and even head of the pen!s.

What it means to have a mole on penis

Mole on different part of the body have their different such as the foot, the ear, the eye, and the hands has different meanings attached to it. When mole is found in the pen!s, it doesn’t really mean much, the mole might be there since from birth or it appeared there overtime.

When a mole is found on a pen!s, it doesn’t mean that it is harmful or the person in question has cancer. Most time, skin growth on the pen!s may not be mole, so for one to be sure, the person must contact the dermatologist.

Is it possible to remove mole on penis

Is it possible to remove mole on pen!s or how can I remove mole on penis are questions often asked by people. The fact is that mole can be removed and the process of removing mole from any body part is called excision. Excision is best if carried out by a dermatologist.

A lot of persons don’t consider it a problem having mole on penis but to others they feel so uncomfortable. People mostly remove mole because of cosmetic purpose and mole can simply be removed by conducting cryoablation or laser therapy on the spot you have the mole.

The most commonly used is the laser therapy, it is the test carried out to remove unwanted tissues from the body. Apart from cryoablation and laser therapy there are other ways by which mole can be removed and the include;

Shaving: Shaving can be used to remove mole from the pen!s. This process involves using a very sharp blade to shave the mole of your body.

• Applying Iodine: Iodine application on the mole is another method of removing mole. When iodine is applied on the mole, it will help to kill the cells inside. Iodine application is an improved method of mole removal.


What Happens if the Mole that was Removed, Reappears Again

A lot of persons keep on asking this question ‘what happens if the mole removed reappears again.’ First of all, moles can be removed and the moles removed can still reappear on the same spot that it was removed.

If a mole that was removed reappears again on the same spot, the best thing to do is to meet the dermatologist for him to remove more skin in order to obtain what is called clean margin. When once a clean margin is obtained, it becomes impossible for a mole to reappear again.

Can Mole on Penis Disappear By Themselves

Moles can disappear by themselves. This is possible and it occurs as a person grows older for some people and can also disappear if the person immune system perceive the mole to be a threat, it will do everything it can to eliminate it.

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