How To Spot Fake Ultrasound Pictures

How To Spot Fake Ultrasound Pictures

Ultrasound is also called or known as sonogram. Ultrasound is referred to as an imaginary test by which sound waves are being used to create pictures of body tissues, organs in the body and structures in side the body. Ultrasound is divided into two. They are, diagnostic ultrasound (sonogram) and pregnancy ultrasound (sonogram).

A lot of persons do confuse themselves with Ultrasound and X-ray, so therefore, it is pertinent for a person to know that ultrasound and x-ray are not the same thing, there are two different things. Ultrasound do not use radiation whereas x- ray makes use of radiation. X- Ray makes use of electromagnetic waves while Ultrasound uses

Ultrasound shows body parts in motion, such as blood flowing through the blood vessels and a person’s heart beats.

The two different kinds of ultrasound which are they diagnostic ultrasound and pregnancy ultrasound.
The diagnostic ultrasound is an imaginary test on other internal part of the body (body parts we can not see with our eyes) such as, the female reproductive organs, the heart, kidney, blood vessels and liver.

The pregnancy ultrasound is an imaginary test which uses sound waves to check how a baby (fetus) is developing in the womb, it’s position in the womb and his health development. Pregnancy ultrasound deals basically with pregnancy and not with the internal part of our body.

Ultrasound are meant for pregnant women. So therefore, all expectant mother’s will receive ultrasound (sonogram) during pregnancy, so has to know how well the child is doing. Any pregnant woman should expect an ultrasound at least twice during her pregnancy.

The first ultrasound (sonogram) will be taken in her first trimester and the second ultrasound (sonogram) will be taken in the second trimester.



How to spot Fake Ultrasound Pictures

In life, everything that is real, has an imitation. Just like in the case of ultrasound, there is also fake ultrasound. Ultrasound is fake when the want use it for prank, or when the want to use it to deceive family, in terms of paternity fraud, fertility fraud, and other health related fraud.

Fake ultrasound is really common in today’s world. People even fake pregnancy result as positive even when in reality it is negative. A lot of people has come to realize that ultrasound can be faked. So people have been asking questions like how can the spot fake ultrasound.

Fake ultrasound Pictures can be spotted or identified in different ways and they Include:

1. Google image search

One of the ways by which a person can spot if an ultrasound is fake is through Google image search. An ultrasound is fake when the picture used appears in Google image search. To confirm that the ultrasound is fake, you can use Google search to search for the pictures or you can even scan the picture so as to see the full details of the picture.

2. If the child (fetus) looks Strange

Another way of spotting a fake ultrasound is when you notice that the fetus in the picture looks strange that you even find it difficult to differentiate between the baby and a piece of drawing, you even find it hard to identify the body parts if the fetus and the picture looks blurry as well.

3. Wrong Hospital Name and Wrong Date

A lot of persons are fooled because the fail to take those little things like the hospital name and the date at which the ultrasound was taken. Someone who is smart can easily spot fake ultrasound pictures if he uses the search engine to confirm the name of the hospital that ultrasound was taken.

If the name of the hospital in which the ultrasound was taken is different from the name of the hospital in the hard copy, then it is clear that the ultrasound is fake. Someone can also spot a fake ultrasound by matching the date in which the ultrasound was taken with the age of the fetus. This way, you can spot fake ultrasound pictures.

If the ultrasound was claimed to be taken maybe like in the first trimester and the fetus was 3 months old, and the date which the ultrasound was taken, does not correspond with the age of the fetus, then the ultrasound is wrong.


If the person that underwent the ultrasound finds it had to explain some things: another way by which a person can spot a fake ultrasound is by observing if the person who underwent the ultrasound finds it hard to explain in details what transpired during the ultrasound.

When she fails to give a vital information on what the doctor did and what he didn’t do during the ultrasound, then the ultrasound is fake. So many people have been deceived as a result of wrong paternity, wrong fertility status and lots more.

One needs to be vigilant enough so as to be able to identify fake ultrasound pictures from the real ones. Some persons has gone to the extent of using apps like canvas or pixel to design a fake ultrasound in other to deceive or prank another person.

To be able to spot fake ultrasound pictures, one must take a very good note of the following information above.

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