Right Hand Itching: Effects, Causes & Treatment

Right hand itching symbolises good luck and progression in life. When growing up, we have heard our parents and even our fore fathers for those who were lucky enough to meet them oftenly attached different meanings to different events because according to their common belief, nothing just happen for no cause.

This believes have been passed down from one generation to another.
Just like an itchy hand, a lot of people believe to be good luck, some sees it as bad luck while others have numerous meanings to it due to their believe.

Although some people sees itching as a spiritual thing, there are certain things like cream reaction or eczema which can cause someone’s right hand to itch which is far away from spirituality. Right hand itching is assumed to have both positive effect and negative effect. The assumption of the positive effect and the negative effect is been ride to our different believes. While some persons sees right hand itching as good luck to them, some other set of person’s sees it as bad luck.

Positive Believe of Right Hand Itching

(1) Progress

(2) Advancement

(3) Prosperity

(4) Fortune

(5) Speedy accomplishment.

Negative Perception of Right Hand Itching






Causes of Right Hand Itching

Apart from the spiritual aspect that people have believed concerning the hand itching, there are certain other factors that can cause a person’s right hand to itched medically. These factors are:
Psoriasis: Medically, one of the causes of hand itching is psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin diseases that causes cracked skin, dry feet and palms as well as scaly scalp. A person that is suffering from psoriasis is always likely to have right hand itching.
Hand eczema: Hand eczema is another cause of right-hand itching. Persons whose by profession field of endeavour are exposed to harsh chemicals such as hair dressing, healthcare, mechanical work and cleaning agents tends to have hand eczema and this may instigate right hand itching . Hand eczema could also be an inherited disease especially if the family has a traceable history.
Allergies: Allergies can also lead to hand itching. Continuous exposure to some irritants like dust, soaps, metals like rings, antiseptic substances can cause right-hand itching.
Diabetes: Diabetes is one of the major causes of right-hand itching. For a person suffering from diabetes, his blood sugar level becomes too high and it in turn leads to dry feet or palms which then results into right hand itching.
Dry skin: Dry skin which is as a result of psoriasis or diabetes also leads to itching of right hand.

Negative Effect of Right Hand Itching

The following activities are assumed to be the negative effect of right hand Itching. They include:
Money is leaving your hands: some people itching of right hand signifies that money is leaving their hands and for them it is a negative effect. Sometimes the expenses acrued due to right hand itching maybe as aresult of unforseen circumstances.
It signifies that one will get into a fight: Getting into a fight is another negative effect of hand itching to some persons. The itching instigate moral confidence and boldness that individual can win in a fight or conquer any battle that may come his way.

How to Treat Right Hand itching ?

Itching hand (right hand) can be prevented. It can be done through the following ways:
• Applying moisturizer
• Using a cool damp cloth to place on the hand can help treat itching hand.

In conclusion, we have been able to examine right hand itching, its negative and positve effect as well as its potential cure.

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