Diabetes Swollen Feet: Causes, 6 Powerful Ways to Manage it

Diabetes swollen feet is an excessive accumulation of fluid, it is also known as edema. Edema can be localized in any part of the body or it can be generalized. It often occurs either due to hormonal changes or sitting in one position after eating a salty meal. Diabetes can cause edema in the feet … Read more

Does Diabetes Cause Hair Loss

In this article we will be discussing on the topic “Does diabetes cause hair loss?”. There are so many reasons why you may be suffering hair loss. Could diabetes be one?. Hair loss and hair thinning could make you feel ashamed and uncomfortable in your body as hair contributes to beauty. People with diabetes are … Read more

Bronze Diabetes: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

You must have heard of different types of diabetes like type 1, type 2, prediabetes and gestational diabetes but probably you may not have heard of bronze diabetes. Unlike other types of diabetes with symptoms like excessive thirst, increase in appetite or excessive urination, bronze diabetes has a distinctive symptom of darkening the skin.  This … Read more

3 Ps of Diabetes

In this article, we are giong to be talking about the 3 ps of diabetes, it would interest one to know that diabetes is a serious and chronic disease that makes the blood sugar level to become high than normal. It causes other health conditions like stroke, heart disease, nerve damage, kidney issues, skin condition, … Read more

What Distinguishes a Heart Attack from Heart Failure

What Distinguishes a Heart Attack from Heart Failure? Considering the stressful modern lifestyle, everyone should start going for regular heart check ups from the ages of 20 and above. This helps you detect risk factors in their earliest stages. Changes in heart rate or rhythm should not be ignored. THE HEART The heart is a … Read more

Pinch Method For Diabetes

Pinch method for diabetes is one of the methods commonly used to treat diabetes in the Asian continent. To be specific, Pinch method for diabetes is most oftenly use among the Chinese citizen. One of the sicknesses or diseases that affects the body’s sugar level is diabetes. The body produces insulin which is a hormone … Read more

Long Face Syndrome: Causes, Risks and Treatment

Long face syndrome still remains a subject of discussion for decades. Long face, in a dictionary or to a layman is an expression on your face when you are sad or gloomy. When you have a long face, it literally mean that you look disappointed or unhappy. However a long face syndrome is a medical … Read more

Couperose Skin

Couperose skin is a condition caused by weakened blood vessels in the face, usually on the cheeks and nose. We have all experienced a flushed face at some point in our lives. When our skin experiences unpleasant sensations and is accompanied by redness, we might become prone to a skin condition known as couperose-skin. WHAT IS … Read more

Can You Live Without A Liver?

Can you live without a liver? No, you can’t. But firstly what really is a liver? With a weight of roughly three pounds (average size), the liver is the largest glandular organ in the human body (a four-lobed organ). This is a major organ only found in vertebrates performing many important & essential biological functions … Read more

Do I Have Herpes or Hemorrhoids

The symptoms of anal herpes and hemorrhoids are similar, so often that one is confused with whether they have herpes or hemorrhoids. In this article, we’ll give an overview of both, including symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, and management, so you can be able to discern between the two and know what condition (if it’s herpes or … Read more

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