Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo: Nice Tattoo patterns And 4 Useful Alternatives

Tummy tuck, otherwise known as abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is done to improve the shape and appearance of the tummy by either removing excess fat or by tightening the skin of the tummy. Like every other surgical procedure, one of the risks of having a tummy tuck is scarring. Generally, tummy tuck scar can appear thin and pink, however, the length and position of a tummy tuck scar tattoo may vary depending on the type and the extent of the procedure.

For instance, in removing a large amount of excess skin from the tummy, an incision running from hip to hip may be required, whereas a shorter incision will be made for a mini tummy tuck.


Not completely. Like every surgical scar, tummy tuck scar will not completely go away, however, there are some aftercare treatments you could use, and if the surgery was carried out by a skillful and precise surgeon, the scar may tend to become faint, but it doesn’t go away completely.


For different people, tattoos mean different things and so is the purpose of getting one. While others may get them to remember a loved one, some get them for cultural reasons. Some also get it as a cover-up for scars. If you’ve had a tummy tuck surgery, you may feel slightly insecure about wearing a bikini at the beach during summer because of the scar the procedure leaves, and like a lot of people do, you may consider concealing your tummy tuck scar by getting a tummy tuck scar tattoo.

There are a lot of other ways you can use to conceal your tummy tuck scar but if you have decided to go with getting a tattoo over your tummy tuck scar, then there are plenty of ideas and designs you can explore.

Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo
Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo


You can get a tummy tuck scar tattoo as soon as your scar is fully healed, and this could take as long as a year to happen.

How do you know your scar has healed fully

Notice when the color of the scar appears fainter and is no longer swollen. Then you know it is fully healed, and then you can get a permanent tattoo over it.


Getting a tummy tuck scar tattoo is a personal decision, however, doctors warn their patients who consider getting one after the procedure, of the harm they may be posing on themselves. The main purpose of getting a tummy tuck scar tattoo is to conceal the scar, but getting a tattoo over a scar draws more attention to the scar than you think.

Plus, it is often usually difficult to tattoo on scarred tissue, and doing so can lead to the thickening or infection of the tissue. The color of the ink does not stay on long enough for scarred tissues as it does on healthy skin, and also, since scars tend to fade over time, doctors prefer that you give it time, other than concealing a tummy tuck scar tattoo.


Generally, scar tissues are different from the normal skin, and the hurt caused by tattoo ink application on the normal skin cannot be applied to that on a scarred skin. Also, getting a tattoo on the tummy can be more painful compared to getting one on any other part of the body. However, the pain experienced while getting a tummy tuck scar tattoo would depend on your level of pain tolerance.

Therefore, you should prepare yourself mentally to experience some pain when getting the tattoo, especially since it will cover all areas of your tummy where you have the scar.


1. Your Scar Should be Completely Healed: For better coverage of tummy tuck scar, you should wait for your scar to heal fully first before getting a tummy tuck scar tattoo. If you don’t wait and get a tattoo while the scar is still healing, apart from the possibility of the tissues getting infected.

When the scar does heal, it shrinks and with a tattoo over it, the tattoo would shrink too, causing the tattoo ink to compress around your scar line and making your scar even more noticeable. Always wait for your scar to be fully healed before getting a tummy tuck scar tattoo 

2. Seek Advice: It is always helpful to seek advice from people who have done something you wish to do. If you know anyone who has gotten a tummy tuck scar tattoo, ask for their recommendations and advice. If you don’t know anyone, you could always look up reviews and comments online, of those who have had a tummy tuck scar tattoo.

Doing this will help you find a perfect tummy tuck tattoo artist and also present you with a variety of ideas on what design to get.

3. Consider Other Options: Several other options will help conceal your tummy tuck scar, however, if your scar is lighter than your skin tone, then getting a tattoo that matches the color of your skin can help reduce the visibility of the scar. But if you have a hyperpigmented or a darker scar, then getting a tattoo might not be the best option.

 Other than getting a tattoo, you may want to consider getting a professional laser treatment instead, as it will help break down the pigments of I’m your scar, hence fading it to a lighter color that matches your skin.

4. Consult Your Surgeon: Although most doctors do not recommend getting tattoos over a scar, your board-certified plastic surgeon might have some recommendations and tips that will be helpful before you get a tummy tuck scar tattoo. Do not hesitate to consult with him on this.


Regardless of your gender, here are a few really good tummy tuck scar tattoo ideas you can ask for:

  • Black and White Roses
  • Single Needle Flower
  • Shaded Rose Tummy Tattoo
  • Belly Button Tattoo After Tummy Tuck
  • Multicolored Flower Bundle
  • Full Tummy Tattoo

These are just a few of the really good ones, your tattoo artist may have several other great ideas.


1. MICRO-NEEDLING COLLAGEN INDUCTION THERAPY: Micro-needling involves the use of tiny surgical-grade needles to create thousands of micro-injuries on the skin. The purpose of this is to stimulate the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, resulting in firmer and smoother healing.

A series of micro-needling treatments can give you a flat, soft tummy tuck scar that blends perfectly with your skin complexion. Getting a micro-needling instead of a tattoo to cover up your tummy tuck scar seems like a better option you might want to consider.

2. TAPPING: Some cosmetic surgeons typically close the incision made during a tummy tuck with dissolvable sutures placed under the skin, then they cover the incision with either a steri-strip or a paper tape. Your surgeon may advise that you continue to tape the incision for about 6 weeks, changing the tape every 5-7 days.

This is because although the purpose of both the steri-strip and the paper tape is to protect the incision and minimize tension, the paper tape has proven that light pressure from it against an incision, can also minimize scarring.

3. USE OF TOPICAL CREAMS: Many scars fading topical creams are in the market. They will not completely get rid of the scar, but they can help minimize the visibility. Some of these creams contain silicone, hydroquinone, or other skin-lightening agents that can break down the pigmentation of the scar. You can also use a moisturizing cream that contains vitamin E oil, over your tummy tuck scar.

4. LASER TREATMENT: Laser treatments like HALO and Profractional can make your tummy tuck scar less visible by smoothing the texture of the scar. Your doctor may suggest a light-based treatment like Broadband Light (BBL). The treatment targets dark pigmented cells and lightens the coloration of a scar and also reduces redness.

Sometimes it is best to have both the laser and the light-based treatment, although you will need multiple treatments for a more effective result 


Scars tend to fade over time. For a tummy tuck scar, it can take a year, then you notice there is no more swelling and the color of the scar is fainter. Regardless, scars can make us feel insecure and that is why some people opt to use tattoos to conceal their tummy tuck scar.

If you are considering getting a tattoo over your tummy tuck scar, ensure to wait for it to completely heal first, so the scar tissues don’t get infected. Also, speak with your plastic surgeon about other options that can be much more effective in concealing your scars.

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