Watery Discharge Feels Like I Peed Myself: Discover the 5 Basic Causes

Why does watery discharge feels like I peed myself, and what causes watery discharge that make you feel like you peed yourself before period or at early pregnancy?

Normally, every woman experience a certain white or yellow discharge or even clear watery discharge from their body in which many believe it is from the vagina but that is not the the case, the fluid are formed by the combination of the secretions from the vaginal entrance and glands in the cervix and cellular layer poured from the vagina.

This vaginal discharge from women in most cases are beneficial to them as it helps eliminate germs from the vagina and also moisten the vagina. This discharge on a normal circumstance has no odour and it appears colourless or clear, also the quantity of the discharge in normal condition do not cause discomfort to the women.

This fluid secreted helps a lot for a healthy sexual intercourse to take place because without that a condition known as jarring will occur.

However, when vaginal discharge assumes a foul smell (smelly) or appears coloured and flows irregularly more than normal quantity, then it is said that an infection has occurred. It is important to note that the factors that affects the amount of discharge mainly is the phase of the menstrual cycle.



As stated earlier, cervix plays a role in the formation of the discharge that comes out from a woman’s body. During pregnancy, there is a change in the cervix and this affects vaginal discharge. So, yes pregnancy can make watery discharge feels like I peed myself.

This changes occurs in such a way that the cervix and the vaginal wall get more soft that they were under normal conditions leading to increased vaginal discharge that might make you feel like you peed yourself.


Many women take contraceptive pills for birth control. These contraceptive pills causes a very high quantity of discharge order than normal. This is possible because women body contains a hormone called oestrogen. This estrogen plays a role in the formation and discharge of fluids from women’s body.

When their is continuous intake of hormonal contraceptives which also contains oestrogen, the oestrogen level of in the woman is highly increased and this leads to a very high discharge of fluids from the vagina which might seem like you have peed yourself.

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Another cause that makes watery discharge feels like I peed myself is the change in microbial flora. In the female body, there exists a microbial flora which helps to keep the vagina clean and healthy by producing discharge and fighting against any bacteria that might want to enter the vagina. This microbial Flora helps a lot in fighting against yeast in the vagina of the women.

However, it has been proven scientifically that intake of antibiotics tends to kill this microbial flora and this in many ways alters it’s function in the body of females and when the number of these microbial Flora is reduced, it will be easy for yeast to come into the vagina.

When this yeast enters, they cause excess discharge from the vagina that will look like you peed on yourself. Not only do they cause excess discharge, they also cause the production of a discharge that has a foul smell.


Sexually transmitted diseases as we all know has a lot of detriment to humans, this sexually transmitted disease cause excess vaginal discharge and it’s also one of the reason why watery discharge feels like I peed myself.

It does this by negatively affecting the microbial Flora and as we discussed earlier, the negative effects leads to more vaginal discharge than normal.

5. Watery discharge feels like I peed myself: Hormonal imbalance

Another cause of vaginal discharge in women is hormonal imbalance, as mentioned earlier watery vaginal discharge is a normal and healthy part of some women’s life. Naturally, their bodies produce lubrication to keep us moisturized and happy. However, when this watery discharge occurs more often than usual, it may signify an underlying health problem such as a hormone imbalance.

Most common signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance in women are irregular periods, fatigue, thinning hair, thinning skin on the face and body, and watery vaginal discharge.

Should you experience any of these symptoms or increased vaginal discharge, see your doctor for a gynecological exam to ascertain the root cause of this abnormal vaginal discharge.

There are other possible causes for increased vaginal discharge, which your doctor can diagnose. They can range from yeast infections to sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes or gonorrhea.

Even during ovulation or in pregnancy, hormonal imbalances can also cause increased vaginal discharge in women. Should you suspect any underlying medical conditions, contact your doctor for further examination.

Watery discharge feels like I peed myself: What are the other Causes of Watery Discharge

Ovulation: This is simply the release of mature eggs or ova from the ovaries. Some female may experience a clear white watery discharge during ovulation, and this is very normal and there is nothing to worry about.

Menstruation (period): Others may experience a brown dark watery discharge before or after a period.

It could be as a result of foreign objects inserted into the vag and could be even menopause e.t.c.

Prevention/Treatment of Watery Discharge Feels Like I Peed Myself

1. Avoid Vaginal Douching: Douching refers to the ‘washing’ of vaginal with the use of cosmetic products such as lotion, cream, shampoo, and medicated soap. This act can potentially interfere with the normal vagina flora. Even the act of inserting things like yoni pearls can cause harm to the resident microflora of the vagina.

2. Wear Cotton/Tight Underwears: Always wear cotton underwears and avoid any synthetic ones as much as possible. Also, ensure that your underwears are ironed and changed regularly, once or twice a day. Resist the urge to use tampons too.

3. Avoid Using Public Toilets: In case you mistakenly use a public toilet, use anion panty liners (that’s if you are not pregnant to prevent watery discharge feels like I peed myself.

4. Avoid visiting the sea or pool too often and consult your gynaecologist in case you happen to have any watery discharge even after adhering to this preventive measures.

Watery Discharge feels like I peed myself: Conclusion

In conclusion, watery discharge feels like I peed myself because it makes the person wet under there. And it is necessary to know that vaginal discharge as said earlier is a normal phenomenon and that it is necessary for good sexual health.

However, when these discharges start to occur in excess and you are into taking contraceptives or antibiotics, it is advisable that you stop but if you witness excess discharge and you don’t take any contraceptives or so, it is important that you meet your doctor for proper check up and treatment to avoid further complications of watery discharge feels like I peed myself.

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