Uda Water: Preparation, Uses & Side effects

Uda water is extracted from uda plant for medicinal use as contraceptive in order to prevent and reduce an unwanted pregnancy.

Throughout history, a variety of plants have been used safely and effectively for contraception and a typical example of such plant is Negro, Ethiopian pepper (Botanical name -xylopia Aethiopica). This plant is known as Uda in the Igbo language or Eeru Alamo in the Yoruba language or Chimba in the Hausa language.

It is often found in the lowland rainforest and moist fringe forest in the savanna zone of Africa, largely located in west, central, and southern Africa and also in the dry country sides. The key constituents in Negro pepper/UDA are Diterpenic and xylopic acid, copper, manganese and zinc.

Uda also consists of mono and sesquirter periods with typical constituents like –(alpha) and B (beta) pinene, myrene, p-cumene, limonene, to mention but few .

UDA species have strong taste and aroma which makes them useful. As explained by a scholar, Madame Joyce Tochukwu who did a dissertation on uda seed while at university explained how this specie can be used to prevent pregnancy.

According to the scholar ‘’the issue of unwanted pregnancy among nursing mothers in Nigeria is quiet alarming, while most mothers aims to space their children, many do not achieve their aim. The scholar decided to assist other mothers by informing them on how to effectively use a natural method of contraceptive called uda water’’.

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How to Prepare Uda Water

STEP 1: Purchase a large quantity of uda and put it in a pot e.g 250 grams which should be about half the size of a tin of milo.

STEP 2: Add about 60cl of water e.g a bottle of Nestle water.

STEP 3: Boil the Uda in the water for 5 minutes and allow it to cool.

STEP 4: Once the boiled uda water has cooled down, it can be stored in a container using a plastic bottle and place in a refrigerator. Thus, uda water can be preserved in a refrigerator for one month at 25 degrees centigrade i.e normal storage compartment in the refrigerator. It is advise not to put in the freezer so that the active ingredient will be stable although is more active when is not stored for too long.

STEP 5: Immediately after sexual intercourse with your husband, shake the bottle rigorously and pour the UDA water into glass. A glass of this contraceptive water should be just fine. Some women also prefer to take this before sex (this is because some spermatozoa are stubborn and may still result into pregnancy).

Benefits of Uda Water (Negro Pepper)

Uda water is remedy for dematological problem

(1)It Contains anti-oxidant: Uda water contains abundant amount of antioxidants, all of which synergizes to help get rid of free radicals oxidizing agent in the body. This simply means that these spices can be effectively be used for reducing the risk/effect of cancerous tumors. Some of the potent antioxidants in uda seed include flavonoid, phenolics, limonoid, and polysaccharides. More importantly, it will please you to know that the water extract of uda fruit has the significant number of phenolic compounds, which in its own capacity contributes to the elimination of free radicals in the body. Uda seed are proven to be a great remedy for treating skin conditions, including boils, itches, skin eruptions, to name but few

(2)Treat Respiratory Disease: Studies reveal that the bark of uda tree contain some potent properties, which are very effective in treating respiratory system diseases, including the common cold, bacteria pneumonia, asthma and bronchitis.

(3)Treatment of Malaria
Malaria is one of the life-threatening diseases in the world and is majorly caused by parasites spread to people via the bites of infected mosquitos. Report shows that more than 200 million cases of malaria are recorded yearly and that it leads to the death of over 500,000 people.

Common symptoms of malaria include fever, headache, chills, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, sweating, cough, to name but few. Uda seed is packed with some potent anti-malaria properties, meaning it can be used for preparing local remedy for reducing the risk/effect of malaria in humans.

(4)Treatment of Rheumatism
Also known as rheumatic disorders, rheumatism is an umbrella term for diseases that cause chronic pain and inflammation in the joints, muscles, or connective tissue. The bark of uda tree has anti-arthritic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties that can be used in treating a myriad of rheumatic disorders, including arthritic pain.

(5) Relieves Gastrointestinal Problems
Gastrointestinal disorders are health conditions affecting the gastrointestinal tract (oesophagus, stomach, rectum, small and large intestine). This include stomach ache, irritable bowel syndrome, dysentery, gastric ulcers, indigestion, flatulence, etc. the leaves of uda are found to be aseptic in nature, meaning that they are capable of relieving the aforementioned internal disorders.

(6)Uda water might be use for the treatment of menstrual problem
There are quite a few issues associated with menstruation. Some reports have claimed that uda water maybe useful in treating menstrual issues. Uda seed when are normally used in traditional medicine for enhancing menstrual blood flow, and for treating amenorrhea.

Side Effects of Uda Water

Uda seed has been reported to induced abortions. However, there is no medicalevidence that link uda seed and miscarriage.

If you are taking certain medications, be sure to discuss with your physician before taking uda water.

Should incase you experience nausea or dizziness after consuming uda water, it is the best advice that you consult a doctor inorder to avoid complications.

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