In this article we going to take a look at the 5 Best chamomile tea to better guide you in the choice of chamomile tea to go for. A cup of hot tea on a rainy day keeps the body warm, and a cup of coffee in the morning keeps one energetic through out the day.

Here, we shall discuss on best chamomile tea for your consumption. Worldwide, people have been drinking tea for so many years now. Tea boost the immune system and fights off inflammation. Drinking tea regularly can have a lasting impact on a person’s health. But some tea and coffee contain caffeine, artificial flavours and preservatives that are harmful to the health. What tea then, is best for the health and is free of caffeine, artificial flavours and preservatives?.

Well there is a herbal tea that fits into this description and has been in consumption over the years right from ancient times. This article presents to you the best chamomile tea. Do you know that Chamomile Tea reduces headache and menstrual pain?

What is Chamomile tea?

What are the health benefits of it?. This article is set to discuss that and give you more health benefits of this tea, recommending the best for your health. Chamomile is derived from the Greek word ‘Chamomaela’ meaning ‘ground apple’. This describes its apple-like aroma. It is a small European grass land plant which has flowers from the plant family, Asteraceae.

Best Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is a herbal tea made from the flowers and buds of the chamomile plant. This tea is known to be medicinal, has been around the world for a long time over 5000 years ago. The Egyptians in ancient times used Chamomile as an ingredient in cosmetics, and the tea to treat fever. The Romans also used chamomile to cure digestive and skin diseases and was later used as a flavouring agent for beer.

This tea is naturally free of caffeine and gluten and contains chemical substance called Flavonoids. Flavonoid is a type of nutrient present in many plants, and it accounts for the medicinal value of Chamomile. This tea is made by infusing the Chamomile flower in hot water. It has a fruity apple taste, light in colour and has a lot of health  benefits, ranging from remedy for insomnia, stress, anxiety and treating cold and flu.

Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

As we are discussing on best chamomile tea, we should not forget about its health’s bebefits.

Research also shows that, though this tea has lots of health benefits, it should not replace original medical treatment for people with serious illness. Health benefits of Chamomile Tea are :

(1). It reduces menstrual pain: Studies have shown that consumption of Chamomile Tea for a month could reduce the pains of menstrual cramps.

2. Controls blood sugar level: Chamomile can lower blood sugar in people with diabetes. But it should be noted that it is not a substitute or replacement for diabetic medication, rather can be used as a supplement to diabetic treatment. This tea reduces the risk of diabetes.

3. Relaxation and Sleep: The mild and pleasant herbal aroma of chamomile soothes and relaxes the nerves. It also warms the body and reduces irritation and fatigue. For people who have difficulty in sleeping, a warm chamomile tea before going to bed can help.

4.Used to treat fever: Chamomile tea warms the body and makes one feel comfortable.

5. Aids digestion: An important ingredient in chamomile is Chamazulene, an anti inflammatory substance that restore stomach lining, soothe stomach pain and boost the digestive system.

6. It prevents and cures headache and sore throat.

7. Treatment of skin conditions : Chamomile contains an anti ageing substance, camamelloside. This prevents glycation a common cause of skin ageing, leaving you with a flawless, glowing and soft skin. The Azulene contents of Chamomile is also effective for acne or rough skin.8. Reduces allergy. Allergy is the body’s unpleasant response to a foreign body. The anti inflammatory effects of Azulene assists with allergies, stuffy nose and dry throat. Having known the many benefits of this herbal tea. There are so many of this Chamomile tea. But let’s talk about the 5 best Chamomile tea.

5 Best Chamomile Tea

1. Davidson’s Tea Bulk Herb Chamomile Tea: This Egyptian chamomile with a sweet and buttery like tea (has a bitter aftermath taste) which can calm your mind and help you sleep better and comfortable after waking up. It comes in large sachet lined with foil that keeps the chamomile fresh and can last for a long time. It is easy to drink and has a loose leaf form that makes it easy to adjust in density.

2. Tazo Calm Herbal Infusion Chamomile Tea: It has a mild sweet aroma with a blend of several herbs. It is best for sore throat and headache and has a calming effect on the body and mind. It does not contain caffeine or preservatives, which makes it safe for the health.

3. Yogi Tea Comforting Chamomile Tea: This tea is certified free of artificial flavours or sweeteners. It is gentle to the stomach and reduces stomach discomfort and anxiety. 2 bags of Yogi tea soaked in a cup of hot water for 7minutes gives a stronger taste and honey can be added to taste.

4. Bigelow Cozy Herbal Chamomile Tea : For those who are obsessed and desire to lose weight, this tea is recommendable. It is made with 100% Kosher parve Chamomile. No additives or artificial flavours. Its fresh packs are made of special foil that protect the tea from air and moisture thereby preserving the tea’s quality over time.

5. Nature Restore Organic Chamomile Tea. This is a non GM tea ( that is the tea is not made from generally modified food gotten from organisms whose genetic materials have been modified in a way that it does not occur naturally) that is organically certified and tested. It gives a calm and gentle effect and improves skin conditions. It can be reused without any flavour loss. Irrespective of the health benefits of Chamomile tea, it has side effectts either when taken in excess or with other substances like some drugs.

Side Effects of Chamomile Tea

(1) Excessive dosage of it can cause drowsiness and vomiting.

(2) It can trigger allergic reactions in people who are allergic to plants related to the daisy family. Though such allergies are rare.

(3) Chamomile tea should not be used two weeks before surgery as it interacts with anaesthetic drugs.

(4) It can interact with painkillers like ibuprofen. Sedatives, blood thinners and aspirin. If a person is in constant use of any of these drugs, he should talk to his health care provider before taking Chamomile Tea.

Chamomile tea is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Infants and children should be given chamomile tea at the instructions of a Pediatrician. Chamomile tea is a supplement and not a medication. People using it, should as such not replace their usual medication with it. It is a very wonderful herbal tea that when taken regularly, such as 1-2 cups daily improves the health.

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