3 Ways of How to Tighten Your Virginia

This article seeks to reveal the Healthy tips on how to tighten your virginia. After a period of time in marriage or relationship women’s virginia start becoming loose and this in a great way leads to reduction of sexual pleasure and can lead to some health complications as well. This phenomenon is called VAGINAL LAXITY 

This vaginal laxity has an effect on the sexual, physical and psychological part of every woman that is witnessing it in one way or the other.

In many cases, most women suffering from vaginal laxity prefer to keep the problem to themselves because they believe that this predicament has no cure while some don’t talk about it because they might too ashamed to discuss it with anybody.

Well in this article we will be talking about how to tighten your vagina. Before we enter fully into the article, let’s talk a little about the causes and consequencies of vaginal laxity.


Causes of virginal laxity include the following;     

A reduction in the estrogen level of female: estrogen is a hormone that plays a role in maintaining menstrual cycle in women , but asides from that estrogen helps to maintain the thickness of the vaginal lining.

So when there is a reduction of the hormone , the vaginal lining looses it’s thickness thereby leading to vaginal laxity.  

The next most common cause of vaginal laxity in women is CHILD BIRTH: This is a process that every woman undergo and as we all know that during child birth, the vaginal lining is stretched beyond bound. However, the elastic property of the vagina lining makes it possible for contraction to happen after child birth.

But imagine when the child birth process occurs up to five or six times , the vagina lining tends to loose it’s elasticity to an extent and this can lead to vaginal laxity. 

Another factor that causes vaginal laxity is AGING: Scientifically , it is believed that at the age of 40 and above , the vagina loose it’s elasticity due to a high drop in the concentration of many hormones of which estrogen is one of the main hormones lost.        


Some of the things to look out for if you want to verify whether or not you have vaginal laxity includes ;    

Decreased libido:  When you start enjoying sex less than you used to do while you were younger, then there is every possibility that vagina laxity has come your way.     

Abnormal Vaginal Discharge:  When vaginal laxity occurs, there tends to be abnormal and irregular discharge from the vagina. Although abnormal discharge can be attributed to some sexual infections , it is majorly an attribute of vaginal laxity.    

LACK OF LUBRICATION DURING SEXX : Normally, during sexual intercourse, there is a secretion of fluids which helps to lubricate the vagina. But when the secretion of these fluids ceases , it is an indication that you might be having vagina laxity.  

OTHER SYMPTOMS OF VAGINAL LAXITY INCLUDES: An unexpected urge to urinate – Burning and itching in the vulva area e.t.c .


One of the most reliable means of tightening your virginia is by undergoing a series of surgery called vaginoplasty. This surgery is aimed at tightening the vagina suffering from vaginal laxity either due to child birth, aging or estrogen depletion.    

Although vaginoplasty is a very reliable means of tightening the vagina, it is so expensive that a common lady in the street can’t afford to undergo the surgical process. This does not mean that such lady should live with vaginal laxity and for that purpose.

Scientists sought for natural and less expensive ways to tighten your vagina and they came up with the following methods;


1. KEGEL EXERCISE : This is an exercise that tightens the vagina. Many people believe that kegel tightens the vagina muscle but that is not the case. This exercise tightens your vagina by strengthening the pelvic floor muscle that surround the vagina.       

Procedures on how to carry out Kegel Exercise 

First and foremost ensure that the bladder is empty, that is you have to urinate before you go for kegel exercise so that you will get the result you seek.

Tighten your pelvic floor muscle and hold for about 5 seconds at least. 

Relax the pelvic floor muscle for the same time interval .

Repeat the process for at least 15 times , do the exercise at least 2 times a day .     

2. SQUAT EXERCISE : This exercise is one of the natural and effective ways of tightening your vagina .    

Procedures on how to carry out squatting exercise; 

  • Stand straight and spread your hip wide apart. 
  • Tighten your stomach muscles 
  • Lower down as though you were sitting on a chair 
  • Straighten your legs to lift the back up.  

3. ESTROGEN THERAPY: After menopause, the body cease to produce most hormones or reduces production of some hormones of which estrogen is one of the hormones affected. This can be handled through a therapy called Hormone replacement therapy.

This therapy is done using hormone replacement therapy cream which helps for easy application of hormones which are absorbed through the skin into the blood and this can help when estrogen is being absorbed to induce it’s vaginal tightening function.


In this article, we have listed and explained the 3 major methods you can use to tighten your virginia.

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