Cavity Vs Stain: Differences & Similarities

Cavity vs stains often get people confused on the difference between both of them. There is always some form of panic when we examine our teeth in the mirror and see a dark spot on the enamel. The confusion is whether the dark spot is just a stain or a cavity. If it is a … Read more

3 Common Cavity Colors

Cavity colors do not always come in black or brown like many people thought. Cavity can come in many colors from white to black, in fact, some come in yellow. It all depends on the bacteria and how long the cavity has stayed in the mouth. When the cavity is just starting, the color can … Read more

Are Braces Worth It

Are braces worth it? Dental Braces are the literally the gold standard treatment for an aesthetically pleasing smile. It is recommended that you wore braces which will in turn placed a mild pressure on your teeth. WHAT IS ORTHODONTICS According to wikipedia Orthodontics is a dentistry specialty that addresses the diagnosis, prevention, management, and correction of mal-positioned teeth … Read more

How To Drain A Tooth Abscess At Home: 7 Techniques

Tooth abscess is a type of dental problem that can be caused by a lot of factors that allow bacteria to infect your tooth. Although it is recommended to visit a dentist if you suspect that you have a tooth abscess, however, there are some home techniques you could use to drain a tooth abscess … Read more

Do Whitening Strips Work: How to Use & 6 Side Effects

One question people commonly asked is, “do whitening strips work?” the answer is yes, whitening strips works. People do not start to use whitening strips recently, these strips have been in existence in the 1980s and they are now popular. Whitening strips can whiten the teeth in a day or two and can show results … Read more

Root Canal Before and After: 2 Useful Alternatives

Root canal before and after involves the steps that are taken before getting the procedure and what to expect after the process. A root canal is not a scary procedure although it is normal to have worries and questions about the procedure. Root canal is not done on a healthy tooth but an infected one … Read more

How Long Does a Root Canal Take

How long does a root canal take depends on the tooth that is being treated, the time is not fixed and can be determined by factors like how severe your tooth is infected and the specific tooth. Root canal is a common dental procedure, in fact, more than 15 million root canal procedures are done … Read more

Gingisave: How To Use & 10 Wonderful Benefits

Gingisave is classified under gum astringent. Gum astringent or paint are topical solution that are used in treating bacterial infections and inflammations that attack the gums and mouth. They are made with antiseptic agents and tanning agents like potassium iodide and iodine. These agents kills bacteria and block the chemical messengers that cause the mouth … Read more

Cavity Between Teeth: Diagnosing & 6 Amazing Treatments

Cavity between teeth is one of the major dental problems faced by people of all ages, gender, and works of life. About 97% of Americans have had a cavity at least once in their life, and if you’ve had a cavity, there is a great chance it was a cavity between teeth. Cavity between teeth, … Read more

Roof of Mouth Hurts: Causes, Treatment & Prevention

Roof of mouth hurts you because of many underlying issues. It stops you from enjoying food and drinks or makes you wince when you talk. The mouth is one part of the body that is used constantly, from talking, to eating, drinking, singing, shouting and other activities. The roof of the mouth is also known … Read more

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