How Long Does Monistat 1 Stay Inside You

So, How Long Does Monistat 1 Stay Inside You? Let’s find out in this post

Monistat 1 refers to a vaginal cream or tablet that is used in treating yeast infection in women. Monistat 1 is an antifungal medication. It should be used as prescribed by the doctor or physician. Monistat 1 comes in the form of tablet and cream. The tablet form is not be swallowed but instead, it is to be inserted into the vagina.

How to Use Monistat 1

If a person who wants to use Monistat 1 by herself, that is, self medication is advised to read the prescription and follow the directions carefully. Also, the person would want to know the answer to this question, how long does Monistat 1 stay Inside you.

For a person who has not had yeast infection before or who has some side effects after using the medication, it is better and more advisable for the person to meet the doctor.

The best way to use Monistat 1 whether the tablet form or the cream, the person is to make use of the applicator and put the quantity of Monistat 1 if it the cream form as instructed on the packet or as prescribed by the doctor.

It is advisable to wash your hands and the applicator before and after use. Women who are pregnant or breast feeding should not use Monistat 1 without first seeking an advice from their doctor.


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Side Effects of Monistat 1

Before answering this question, “How long does Monistat 1 stay Inside you” let’s look at the side effects of this insertion drug.

Monistat 1 also has some side effects and these effects includes;

• Redness of the vagina and swellness: One of the side effects of Monistat 1 is that it causes swelling and redness of the vagina. This effect could be as the result of inserting an overdose of the tablet into your body. The vagina becomes so red and also starts swelling.

• Mild Stomach Pain: Having a mild stomach pain could also be as a result of Monistat 1. Some people tend to have a stomach ache after taking Monistat 1, they start feeling uncomfortable because of the cramps or pains they are feeling in their stomach.

Burning Sensation when urinating: Burning sensation when urinating is another common effect that happens as a result of taking Monistat 1. The person involved will feel like the vagina is burning when she wants to urinate.

It is pertinent to note that in as much as most of this effect are common, all this effect is likely not to occur at once, that is, it is likely not to occur at the same time.

And also, it is not everybody that will experience the same effect, reason is because, everybody are not the same and people react differently to things, some persons may experience burning sensation while urinating while some persons will experience redness of the vagina.

There are some persons too that may likely see two to three effect at the same time but not all the effect.

What will happen if I miss a dose of Monistat 1?

It is advisable that not to miss the dose of Monistat 1, that is why there is always an instruction on how to take the drugs. In a case that a person misses a dose of Monistat 1, it is not really something to worry about.

What the person should do is to quickly take the medication as soon as she remembers and also, if the time she remembers is closer or almost her regular time of taking the drugs, the person should wait band take the drugs at her regular time.

What will happen if I insert overdose of Monistat 1?

Taking an overdose if Monistat 1 is always unlikely to happen especially when using the tablets. It can only occur if the person involved is self medicating and has refused to read the instructions or seek the advice of a doctor.

Overdose may only occur when using the Monistat 1 in the cream form. In any case that an overdose occurs, the person involved is advised to call the emergency room.

What are the things a person should avoid while using Monistat 1

One of the things to be avoided when taking Monistat 1 is tight clothes like panties and shorts. Tight clothes does not allow circulation of air in the body, and it will also delay the healing process since air is not circulated.

Instead of wearing tight clothes, the person should put on light clothes and clothes that are free. Another thing that a person should avoid while taking Monistat 1 is condom. Monistat 1 can damage a condom.

So in the case of using condom as a method of birth control, it is advisable to use another method because Monistat 1 will damage the condom and you may get pregnant.

How long does Monistat 1 stay Inside you?

Monistat 1 is a medication that helps to fight yeast infection. Monistat 1 is a medication that is formulated to stay in the body for seven (7) days. When the cream or the tablet that is used, it is described to stay in the body for at least seven (7) days.

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